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Where will Juan Pablo Angel go!

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In case you did'nt already know, Juan Pablo Angel is expected to change clubs at the end of this season.

There seems to be interest within the league to keep him but as Juan's season is'nt done yet there wont be any talk's until the offseason.

The revolution who had a bismal year (16 lost) may tap in the DP pool next year if they listen to Shalrie Joseph, and could be interested in the colombian international.


It would be a shame for Juan Pablo Angel to depart MLS before he feels it's time.

Where might he go!

He won't be in Canada, If Dp there is in Vancouver, they will most likely go for someone who has another 5 years in them.

In the case of Toronto, he would be a great asset. But if the new GM and coach do their job right (I really hope they do) then they will also look at DP's who are there for the long run, the rebuilding fase of this four year slump.

My best gest would be for him to end up in Chivas, Houston, Revolution or any of the bottom teams from this year who need to boost their Goal differential or simply think that the hispanic population would show up to games to see him in uniform for their teams.

Where do you think he will end up?

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