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Panama vs Peru


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Panama beats Peru in Panama City. Peru had ten men for a large portion of the match, and I can't find their lineup for yesterday but consider the recent run of good results for Panama;

2-1 W @ Venezuela

3-1 W vs Venezuela

2-2 D vs Costa Rica

3-0 W vs Trinidad & Tobago

1-0 W vs El Salvador

1-0 W vs Peru

With the Gold Cup Qualifying coming up for them this winter you have to believe we will be in tough to be ranked ahead of them for the World Cup Qualifying seeding. Need a solid run of results up to and including the Gold Cup.

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Yeah, I think they're way beyond us for the WCQ seeding. If they keep up these results, they could easily end up fourth or even third in CONCACAF.

I just looked at their schedule, and in just the four-month period of August through November of this year, Panama have seven home friendlies! By comparison, you have to go back more than ten years, to May 2000, to count the last seven home friendlies for Canada.

Oh, to be Panama.

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There's no doubt it was a B team (aside from Farfan) for Peru. Canada had to play against a stronger lineup including Vargas (Serie A), Acasiete (La Liga) and that tall forward who scored their first goal and Reimond Manco who are Peru's next Euro bound players. Not sure about Panama.

Also the Ref totally f'd up the game. It was pretty blatant, but whatever, there's no doubt Panama is a good team getting much better results than we are.


Panamá: Luis Mejía; Román Torres, Adolfo Machado, Felipe Baloy, Carlos Rivera (m.60, Luis Henríquez); Alberto Quintero (m.62, Gabriel Torres), Juan Solis (m.89, Armando Cooper), Gabriel Gómez (m.46, Amilcar Henríquez), Rolando Escobar; Luis Rentería (m.65, Edwin Aguilar) y Luis Tejada (m.75, Blas Pérez). Seleccionador: Julio César Dely Valdés.

0. Perú: Raúl Fernández; Walter Vilchez, Carlos Zambrano, Josepmir Ballón, Jean Dragodara (m.67, Rainer Torres); Christian Ramos (m.46, John Galliquio), Jefferson Farfán, Luis Ramírez (m.81, Luis Advincula), Jesús Rabanal; Willie Rivas y Johan Fano (m.56, Hernan Rengifo). Seleccionador: Sergio Markarián.

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Panama is one CONCACAF team that's simply emerging and has given Canada to tough time in the past. The CSA should really consider a friendly or two against them (and also Venezuela) to gauge where we stand and what adjustments are needed. 3-1 and 3-0 over Venezuela and T&T are pretty eye-opening.

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