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U18 Sony Cup Women - Day 2


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Day 2 started win an easy 5-0 win for Ontario over New-Brunswick that allowed Ontario coach to use all of his staff which is so important in a marathon of 5 games in 6 days.

In game 2 Prince Edward Island stunningly managed to tie their game against BC. PEI girls were extatic after such an accomplishment. It was well deserved but they suffered heavily in the last 15 minutes when they were unable to leave their half of the field when BC coach sent in his best elements. You should have seen those happy (PEI) faces ! It was worth the day !!!

In the third game Quebec Beauport Royal Select Lea Chastenay Joseph scored the first 4 goals of the game allowing her team to easily defeat Nova-Scotia by a score of 6-0.

I'm sorry but I had seen enough soccer for the day and I did'nt stay for the Alberta vs Newfoundland game. Folks that attended the game just telling me it ended 1-1 in what they qualified as the best game of the tournament so far. Both goals were scored with heads.

There should be two very interesting games tomorrow as Ontario plays Alberta and Quebec plays BC, with the winners of those games probably playing for the gold medal next monday !

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