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TFC @ Cruz Azul: A "Bath" Dick Tracy Style

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If anyone remembers that movie, they'll know what I'm talkin about.

This could either be a really boring game with neither side willing to fully commit, or TFC is going to be in its end 90% of the game, with Cruz Azul holding about 90% of the possession.


TFC 0 - Cruz Azul 3

Nick was already talking about Saturday vs. San Jose, and that's where the players' minds are too. They'll be on the pitch, but only in body, not in mind. Cruz Azul will play a stronger line-up than in Toronto, and it will show in spades.

Streams in case you can't see it on tv


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Plus One.

I wonder if he's a train lover, he'd blow his load in his pants!

Any coach who goes down to Mexcio City with a team like TFC and doesn't want this kind of game is a complete idiot. Opening up the game would have disastrous consequence.

That's not something Preki will be remembered for but I'm impress with the quality of Conway, pretty solid considering the opposition.

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I'm sure all the "haters" (worst word ever) will say otherwise, but JDG was very good in that half doing exactly what he does best. Getting in the way of attacks and making a first pass. Only problem is when that pass was to White or Ibrahim, since neither can maintain worth a damn.

I thought he wasn't that good defensively, committing some needless fouls and got easily beaten on some 1 v 1. But I must admit I haven't paid much attention to him tnight. Cann is solid.

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