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London AEK - Ontario Cup Champions


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A belated London Free Press story about it:


This bit might help people grasp the problems associated with geography in Canadian soccer.

...AEK will head to nationals in Prince Edward Island in two weeks.

In their previous nationals in Newfoundland, the weather brought everything, including rain and sleet.

“We want to finish better than fifth like last time,” Dreliozis said. “It was great going out there and whenever you play in the east the fan support is unbelievable. I think we’ll be better prepared this time.”

Dreliozis says the trip will probably cost an estimated $30,000 with the Ontario Soccer Association only paying for 60% of the air travel.

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Ask your provinical executive how much they spend at such events when they go off island.. and where the money comes from.. follow the dollars..dont just take it and whine on the net ask your provinical president how much he has expenced in Soccer travel this year off the Island.

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