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TFC vs RSL Prediction and game post

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Somehow, I feel the press is understating the stress Preky and Mo had on the team, and that the new relief will result in a blooming in creativity and a better cohesion in the team.

My prediction for tonight is a 2-0 win by TFC if they play their A team otherwise I see a 1-0 defeat.

Dasovic will be great for TFC.

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Too soon for Dasovic to have any kind of impact turning this team around. Look at both of these sides. RSL unbeaten at home in 22 league games. TFC ONE win away, and one goal in their last six. I have a hard time believing they simply just need to flick the switch and they'll be able to take out the best home team in MLS. RSL 2-TFC 0 no matter who starts for TFC.

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I wouldn't be surprised to see some new life under there legs, and if the calls go their way maybe they can get some points.

Though I think just seeing some new life in players will be nice. As someone said Daso has had like no time to really impact the team; however we may see a lot of difference still in how we play just cause they know Preki is gone and they will be able to play with there head up not running at full speed for 90 minutes. The effect of a coach leaving can change a team's play very quickly. Look around the sporting world.

If we see a looser and more ball savy TFC, which there is a few players who have the skills for this in them, maybe we see a very surprising result.

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Guest MooseTFC

A draw against RSL would be good enough to me. TFC should go after the win though.

I'm hoping to see a revitalised team. Hopefully we see something like the Cruz Azul match. I'd like to see Mista start.

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Why isn't Matheson getting another look? He's scoring in the CSL and TFC need goals. Speaking of goals, I notice that Miloš Šćepanović from SWE has 12. Has he trained with TFC?

Matheson is no longer with TFC, he's in Connecticut at a JUCO or prep. school until he qualifies for entry to UCONN.

Re: Scepanovic, i think his focus is to go back to Red Star (or was it Partizan) and sign with them.

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