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Usain Bolt wants to play for Manchester United (seriously)


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Since Usain Bolt gained world-wide fame for being ridiculously fast at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he's been able to mix in visits to his favorite club, Manchester United, his other favorite club, Real Madrid, and more between running ridiculously fast. In the past, he's talked about playing as a "left-sided defensive midfielder" when he was in high school, but now he's seriously talking about his future as a footballer and not just his past.

Says the 24-year-old in his autobiography:

"Ideally, if I was to play football, I'd sign for my favorite team -- Manchester United. People say it's not realistic but nobody has seen me play so you never know. If Alex Ferguson saw me in one of those charity matches he might think I could replace Ryan Giggs."

You might laugh at that last sentence, but considering Sir Alex just bought a player for £7 million sight unseen, picking the next Ryan Giggs out of a charity match could be possible.

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