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Sooner better than later

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For $20-25 million, you could build something like this beauty.


The built-in function facilities could make it a year-round earner, outside of the football.

That my friend is probably the perfect model for Edmonton. Right size of ground, and an attractive appearence that can be sold to the city with its curvey type roof and all. LOL (Rob Sheard and HOK architects have a lot to answer for eh?)

Best of all the stands are independent allowing for Staged or phased construction as I mentioned Earlier.

This was apparently built with the sponsor already on board.

How does Epcor Stadium Sound?:eek:

Forever T, any chance you could post this back to the Edmonton forum I think a number of people who read the site would be very intrested in looking at that ground in person.

Actually they would be a good club to talk to with regard operating on a tight budget. (possibly a good club to partner with -Hammy or Sammy would do well at that level on exchange)

For anyone not familiar with Chesterfield. They are a lower league club who made the Semi-finals of the FA Cup in 1997 only to loose to Middelsboro (with a disputed goal) but have been in existance since 1867 two years after the Football Association was founded.

They have never been big shots as they represent a town only about 1/5th bigger than RED DEER Alberta.

The best bit of Chesterfield United Trivia however is their Nickname. They are Known as the Spireites as Chesterfield's Church of Saint Mary has a crooked Spire (Thats the 'sweep' shown on the Shirt badge).

Legend has it (or aleast the one iLearnt of me grandads knee) was that the Devil, Whilst surjorning the copreal Realm rested upon the spire to taunt God. The Choral singing from the quoir however so pained Beaelzeebub that he contorted in pain and flew back to Hell,leaving the twisted spire in his wake.

Now thats football trivia!

On a personal note. I once had to drive from Leeds to Chesterfield in a VW 'Bora' which decided to eat its own gearbox halfway down the motorway! Happy Times:cool:

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