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CSL 2010 Week 16

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Result of the Friday August 20th, 2010 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles vs TFC Academy played at Centennial Stadium at 8:00pm.

48 min...TFCA Tristan Jackman GOAL...SWE Mirko Medic runs back for skyball to SWE 40 yard line and he heads from left to center for SWE Mark Jankovic at 30 yards who turns and dives to head ball back to goalie but misses completely and Jackman recovers at 25 yards, dribbles to 15 yards and rolls shot under diving goalie Milos Kocic to left corner of net.

67 min...SWE Stefan Vukovic GOAL...SWE Milos Vucinic rolls pass forward to SWE Shawn Brown on left sideline who runs to cornerflag and rolls pass back to Vucinic who then crosses from 30 yards on left sideline that has defender miss ball on leaping header at 10 yards on left and ball drops in box Vukovic is behind him in center of box and he turns and shoots 7 yarder under goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo to center of net with Vukovic alone among four TFCA players.

Final Score:........Serbian White Eagles.............1.................TFC Academy................1............

Attendance was about 400 on this warm evening. There were more TFCA fans then what they usually draw in their home games.

Both goalies made some good saves and both teams could have scored more goals with more accurate kicking. Each team had a final minutes chance to win. At 88 minutes TFCA Jalen Brome rushed up the left and the SWE goalie blocked his 22 yard shot by sliding out of box and saving in his chest. TFCA Keith Makubuya got the rebound at 15 yards on the left but shot the ball high and wide left of the net. At 92 minutes (game ended at 94:27) SWE Milos Scepanovic took a 30 yard freekick from the right that was knocked around in the TFCA box and ended with SWE Mirko Medic taking a header from 7 yards with his back to the goal that bounced to the goalie.

TFC Academy have six different players than they had a few weeks ago. They've lost Matt Stinson, Brendan McNicoll and Allando Matheson on scholarship and now Doneil Henry, Nicholas Lindsay, and Ashtone Morgan are away on Canada's Under 20 team. Roster spots are being filled by their Junior Academy team that plays in the CSL Reserve Division. I asked two of the injured players of the senior team who I've seen at these games always in the stands watching and they confirmed that these players will go back and play Reserve league games which are usually held on Saturdays. Endless teenage energy I expect!.

This was the worst game I've seen White Eagles usually reliable defender Mark Jankovic play. He took a Yellow card at 30 minutes on a tackle at the SWE 40 yard line on Keith Makubuya injurying him. He was lucky he didn't earn a second one later when he yelled into the crowd about what he'd do to someone's wife and children (obviously not directed at the teenage Academy opponents). He was mercifully subbed at at 55 minutes with Dragaorad Milicevic coming in and playing well. (Probable first choice defender Taylor Lord is still out injured).

Tonight's result keeps the White Eagles in first place and TFC Academy in fourth. York Region Shooters and Milltown FC who are tied for second will love this result for the dropped points. The owners of the Shooters were in the crowd tonight.

Rocket Robin


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Score from Wednesday night:

Milltown FC 5 - St. Catherines 0

MFC Goals by:

Tristan Scott (2nd of the year)

Martijn Kuijpers (5th of the year)

Gersi Xhuti (2nd of the year)

Lesly St. Fleur (2nd and 3rd of the year)

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