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D&G Article: Champion Requiem(Review of Saputo's rant)


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Good Lord.

That blog sounds like it's suggesting that within an organization leadership, direction, and the accountability which surely must be married to those authoritarian attributes, comes from the very top. That managerial direction, such as it is, is contagious and applied through out all the levels of the organization.

Odd. Because under such a scenario, as it's suggested by the blogger, an organizations failings would mirror back directly (or indirectly if you want to be generous) at senior management. It's not like senior management to accept responsibility for the short comings of their schemes or the peoples hired to implement the schemes.

Seriously now, where would Trader Moe be today if senior management took on THAT sort of attitude?

Yeah, I'm shop floor and all that but don't let that disclaimer taint this observance. When it comes to management "the buck stops here" plaque on the desk only ever applies after it's passed through a good number of build in scape-goats.

"Things aren't what they are because I made them that way. It must be somebody else's fault."

Joey S.

Wonderful. Charming. At-a-boy Joey! You've saved the club's season there.

Well done.

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I find this type of behaviour on Joey's part shameful and unfair. It is pretty easy to always blame others and not consider the role you have played in certain problems. Plus, I don't see anything credible in his analysis of the situation at all.

How is Sebrango the model of a what a player should be and Rocco is a guy cheating the team? I mean he is so pissed off about Rocco that unlike any other player he runs him down in both French and English. Rocco has played about 180 minutes more than Eddie this season and has 2 goals and 2 assists while Eddie has 2 goals and 1 assist, pretty similar numbers. Rocco plays his heart out every game but is simply not a good finisher and never has been so his goal totals are low. I don't know if he can improve on this and lately he has been employed in midfield where he is more effective but it is not lack of effort or leadership but a simple technical defficiency. Eddie also gives a good effort but has always been a streaky scorer and is slowing down and it was probably a mistake to sign him to such a long contract. I don't see at all how a striker who isn't scoring is the example that should be followed by a team that isn't scoring.

As to his other points, how is Jordan to blame for lack of leadership when he has been injured half the season? I have actually been surprised with how well Gerba (who is known for being lazy) has played so far but he hasn't scored. Nevertheless he has been pretty unlucky on a number of occassions and has only played 6 games for us so far. Maybe Pizzolito is too quiet to be captain but who picked him for this post anyway? I mean it is not like he is new to the team and his personality was unknown.

We are well aware of the failings of NDS, no need to repeat them here. MDS is a great guy and probably the coach who has been coolest with UM and is also loved by the players. That doesn't necessarily make him a great coach. We see time and time again that we play poorly in the 2nd half and don't always seem fully fit yet why is it only the visiting teams that ever do fitness drills after games in Montreal? We see that we can not score on standards even despite getting corner after corner and some of that must go down to coaching. And why does a team that can't score on corners/free kicks always bring the ball to the wings and cross into the box when we can't score by this method? And when the planned tactics aren't working so little change in plan. Honestly I have seen so many other coaches come here and outcoach/outstrategize MDS. Nevertheless, I would still be willing to give MDS a chance without NDS but not the other way around. MDS is a smart guy and may one day be a great coach but he was pretty inexperienced for this post, UEFA licence or not.

The crux of the matter is we have an owner who is too involved in the team and is pressuring and interfering with NDS who in turn does the same to MDS. It is no coincidence that the one coach who had success with and motivated the team was the one guy with a strong enough personality to tell Joey and NDS, "I am the coach and I run the team." It is also no coincidence that he didn't last long in this organization. He wasn't with the team long enough to determine whether he was a great coach or a one-hit wonder but he certainly inspired the team for a great period in Impact history.

The bottom line is Joey has been hiring inexperienced and under-qualified people who he is personally friends with to run the team and then interfering with them. What he needs to do is hire qualified people from outside who have a history of success and let them run the team. If he isn't doing this, then it is him who is cheating the fans.

/End Grizzly Essay

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to be a successful sports franchise in montreal u need a team that will contend every year or at least present a decent product to the fans. Although, Saputo may have been the best person to bring in an MLS franchise to mtl i dunno if he is the best person to run the team. I mean judging by his press conference yesterday, he sounded so clueless and unaware of whats going on. He made a fool of himself by coming on so strongly after the players when the fault is totally that of the technical staff. He is nothing but a "trustfund baby" and if the construction of the mls franchise is gonna begin with the staff we currently have in place? i hate to say this, but the mls wont last more than 5 seasons in montreal and will play in front of no more than 10 000 people per game! So that said, joey stop trusting your friends and look at the big picture!

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Well said Grizzly. MDS clearly de-emphasizes fitness and lacks tactical adaptability, while at the same time NDS has failed to retain a deep squad like we had in the CCL run, particularly at CB and the forward position. 2 starters each have left or been fired at those two positions which calls into question NDS' judgment. For sure Testo, Pizzolitto, and Soares are having bad years, but other players such as Billy and Aboubou are playing great and I really don't see how this can be heaped on the players' heads without acknowledging the head office problems.

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