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Canada v. Peru Friendly Blog


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Hey boys, I've started a blog re. the upcoming Peru friendly. As some of you may know, I am Peruvian and as such I follow the Peru MNT and the Peruvian League to a lesser extent. So I'll try to provide some info / insight. The first entry is more personal self-therapy, but upcoming entries will focus more on Peru's shambolic and corrupt program, their new generation of players, their new coach, and on news coming out of the Peruvian Press.



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Good perspective. Even though I am born and raised in this great country, I have lived and breathed German Football since I was old enough to lace up the boots. I think I would get pin and needles if I ever got to witness die mannschaft battle the Canucks.

BrennanFan " You have chosen wisely"

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I was born in canada, but spent much time in peru. thats where i learned to live,breathe, and play soccer. so i have to go with peru on this, im sorry to all my fellow canadians but remember its just a friendly. any other day though i will be cheering for canada even if they play against brasil or spain(I HATE THEM)

and gator ive got some info, the peruvian squad consists of many very skilled players such as:

Jefferson Farfan, played for psv, currently on Schalke 04, dangerous striker

Claudio Pizzaro, played for bayern munich and chelsea, currently on Werder Bremen, note he did very well last season so he can be trouble

Juan Manuel Vargas, plays for fiorentina in the seria A, but inter milan are interested in him. Very dangerous on the flanks, dont let him cross the ball!

Nolberto Solano, played most of his career in the epl. kinda old not sure if he will come but nevertheless he is still a great midfielder, one of perus best even at his age

Roberto Merino, plays for a second division team in Italy, young, and fast, probably will be signed by a bigger club after hes done with his current team.

Paolo Guerrero, plays for hamburger sv, also a player to watch out for

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