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I read an article in here about the NASL failing

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And something stuck out at me.

And you need to know the game. You don't need to follow Liverpool every week or know all the words to the Italian national anthem. But If you tell them your daughter loves David Beckham, there's a chance -- just a chance -- one of them will spit in your beer while you're in the can.

I am that guy. Not the spitter, but the guy that is trying to learn and get involved in a brand new area of interest for me. I played as a kid, but I grew up in Alaska and the Boys and Girls club league maybe went a month and a half, but I was far more into hockey and I could have played past high school if I had wanted to play still.

Honestly I think I got excited about soccer watching TFC on CBC their inaugural season, and not even because we had a team in the MLS now, but because of how excited the fans were. I was getting excited because other people were excited.

So I ask a favour; Don't spit in my crown float.

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I'm sorry but... what?

What article is this, and what are you talking about?

who leaves to go to the bathroom during a game?

And who leaves their beers/possessions unattended in public?


You read way too much into that. All I said was that we need fans no matter what knowledge level at this point, because it needs to grow, and to not be a pretentious ass.

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Sorry I joked about beer.

Going and pointing percy at the porceline during the game in the hope that ,although you miss/ sacrifice seeing said goal your team gets back on level terms is a common peice of Footy Voodoo back in England.

And speaking of Voodoo...

A mate of mine once turned up to a liverpool game in full kit, having played five a side straight after work. The reds were two down when he got fed up of pushing his 'Shinnies' back in his coat pocket, so he put them back on his legs. As the first one when on The reds scored. A couple of minutes after the fuss died down, He put the other one on and they scored again. He now religeously takes the same pair of shin pads to each game. He 43 years old, the shinpads are about 20!

Still, Leaving yer beer unattended at a match however? thats not stupid that criminaly insane, unless of course its some propreitory yankee swill of some kind- Never trust a beer endorsed by Sepp Blathered,thats my motto

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