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FC Edmonton/Portsmouth - Who's planning on going?


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We're making some plans for getting together for tomorrow's match against Portsmouth (they'll probably entail everyone buying general admission seating and congregating down in one of the corners, but stay tuned), but I'm curious to know if any other Voyageurs are planning on attending and joining our small-but-proud group.

So far I know:




Lord Bob

Anyone else?

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Just got off the phone with the club:


Please purchase a general admission ticket (I believe the cost is $25 for adults). The club has reserved the first few rows of Section A for the supporters section(South side of the West Stand). No word on where the Pompey supporters will be, as a number of fans are expected. Kick off is at 7:35.


I have the drums and flags which I will be bringing to the stadium. I'm sure we can come up with something funny for the blank banner. Feel free to bring more flags etc.


I have been told that the Pompey fans will be congregating at Endzone Pub (immediately North of the Stadium). I would like to go there pre match to have a drink but that depends what time I can get out of the office. Feel free to join them.

Any questions, let me know.

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Article on the game from the Edmonton Sun


The article notes "a boisterous crowd of 8,792"

If we had a 10K venue (with a roof) in Edmonton then Boisterous crowd would have been "Pulsating!

I hope mr Terry Jones is reading this.

"Portsmouth eventually worked their back into the game and tied the contest in the 38th minute as Ciftci turned in a David Nugent cross past Baart." Edmonton Sun

He is so going to get grief of me (in my rec room ) when Pompey Play Leeds next season!

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