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Some small updates from Italy and next years divsion


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youllneverwalkalone - you may if you wish make changes to your notes

A.S. Pro Belvedere Vercelli has been relegated to Serie D for the 2010-2011

Dino Mauro is listed at this point on the first team with A.S. Pro Belvedere Vercelli.

Genoa no official news out of Genoa as of yet on Robert Stillo but is expected to start the season with his last year primavera team as a 1st keeper.,,,,, unless they find another team in Serie C that will be on loan to. This could be a not to bad thing if it happens either way all good for Robert Stillo.

Olbia Masciantiono is in C2 and is listed on teams agenda for next year.

Olbia apperently may not enter C2 and may start in 5th divison

or serie d.

Little bird, Bellaria was relegated to Serie D, and is finished his 1 yr loan with them and now will be starting his pre seaon this 15th July with Crotone of Serie B leaving Monday from T.O

That's it, nothing happening in the market place in Italy,. it has been very quite since it opened July 1st,. and it is expected to be for a bit as some teams $$$$ are trying to find themselves. Movement is down from last year about 25% maybe due to WC .

I keep you updated for any news

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