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CSL 2010 Week 9

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Result of the Friday July 2nd, 2010 CSL game between Portugal FC and Serbian White Eagles played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm.

Final Score:........Portugal FC.........0............Serbian White Eagles..........0............

Attendance was about 200 on this warm evening with the sun out in the first half. Included were boys from the Toronto Eagles and their parents. The crowd was up to 250 by the time the game was over as more people arrived for their

late night permit.

Facilities weren't good at this City of Toronto controlled facility as there was no working scoreboard until the second half. The clock was frozen at 5:44.

Shutouts were earned by Mike Silva for Portugal FC and Milos Kocic of Serbian White Eagles. Both were called on to make some key saves.

At 20 minutes on a set of PFC cornerkicks, PFC Massimo Mirabelli took from the the left that had Andrea Lombardo head a 12 yard shot that the goalie palmed over the net.

Best White Eagles chances came in the first half with speedy Shawn Brown at 26 minutes rushing on the right wing and crossing from the end line and Stefan Vukovic headed a 12 yarder that the goalie had to fly over to catch. At 43 minutes Vukovic rolled a forward pass from 22 yards on the right andand a charging Brown pushes the ball over the end line when he couldn't cut in a shot from 3 yards on the right post. Milos Scepanovic took most of the cornerkicks and freekicks and they were always dangerous.

At 81 minutes White Eagles Taylor Lord made a great scissor poke check to get the ball from a PFC forward on the end line preventing a cross. This was the second time during the game he'd come away with all-ball on one of his checks.

During injury time, PFC Omari Morris was on a rush to the ball on the right and he rolled a cross to center and a charging Sergio DeLuca blasted a low 15 yard kick up the middle that the goalie smothered on the last chance of the night for either team.

Rick Oliveira was the referee and he had very few cards to give out for this very open game.

A tie was a fair result for these teams as the game was very even. A scoreless draw wasn't dull on a night like this.

Rocket Robin


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Milltown FC comes from behind to grab a 2-1 win from York Region Shooters

Shooters led 1-0 at half, thanks to a nice goal from Kadian Lecky

However, in the 2nd half, MFC came out very strong and started to control the midfield. Milltown Head Coach Rafael Carbajal put Cordell Benajamin into the game at 63rd minute and 2 minutes later he tied the game and 6 minutes after that, he put Milltown in the lead.

Milltown now sits solidly in 2nd place, 1 point behind the Shooters, with 18 points from 10 games.

A big game comes up next week as Toronto Croatia comes to Milton.

So far, Milltown is undefeated at home, with a record of 3 wins and 1 tie

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Caught the Montreal Impact Academy vs Brantford Galaxy game this afternoon at Saputo Stadium

Final score was 1-0 for Brantford with Austin White scoring in the first half on a terrific shot from about 40 yards out! As was the case last week, both teams played all out attacking soccer. MIA even scored to even the game but it was called offside(which it was).

The lineups we were given at the door did not match what was on the field and bench for Brantford. Players were listed as having one number and were actually wearing another. Players were subbed in that were not in the lineup sheet, etc. The last few minutes and injury time of the second half degenerated into a game of rugby(or something resembling that), Yellow cards were given out at a ridiculous rate and there was even a red card. What a mess. People were yelling at the ref for losing control of the game. I thought the ref hadled it as best as he could as it really went crazy. There were almost fistfights between the players and a hell of a lot of pushing and shoving.

Too bad as the game was quite entertaining up to that point. Best player on MIA(in my opinion) was defender (and captain) Karl Ouimette who had a solid game along with Hussein Awada who set up a couple of great plays. Andrija Raic played very well for Brantford.

Attendance was about 60 people.

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Astros won 3-0 in London, Kohbad got his 9th and tenth and Grigore rounded out the scoring, I could only half watch it when it was on but it looked like a couple hundred people and a few travelling astros fans!

edit: even though I saw it on tv on saturday it was on friday, and today they lost to tfc academy 1-0

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