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Private Donations


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Little help here understanding something on which there has probably been lots of previous chat so sorry:

SO I'm wondering what the history of FAs getting turned around by private donations/takeovers is like and whether it's relevant to the Canadian situation. Trappatoni was hired by the FAI on a private donation, and Australia I believe had some private involvement. Are people like Steve Nash and Saputo on the radar for this type of thing? Or other wealthy Canadian soccer types? Are people involved in club ownership not allowed to meddle? How has something like this happened in other places and why not here? What would motivate someone like that to step in? Could there be benefit for their clubs obliquely, or would we simply be waiting for them to develop a burning nationalistic enthusiasm, coupled with a sudden disregard for a business plan?

Totally understand if this is not worth tackling for the old hands.

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