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June 27, 2010 PDL--Toronto Lynx vs Indiana Invaders

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Result of the Sunday June 27, 2010 PDL game between Toronto Lynx and Indiana Invaders played at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga at 1:00pm.

5 min...Invaders Musa Kumara GOAL...Kumara rolls 15 yard shot up middle around Lynx defender Chris Mitchell and goalie Matt Felice just inside right post.

52 min...Lynx Lee Smyth GOAL...Smyth 25 yard freekick from right on edge of box is bent into top left corner of net beyond goalie Jeff Jelinek.

91 min...Invaders players take quick freekick from 25 yards with Lynx players not giving even 3 yards on play but instead of a blast in the wall, an Invaders player taps parallel to the wall and one more touch gives Invaders Dino Ceric a run in alone on left and although it looks like he rolls ball over end line or would have had to tap ball back for another player the Lynx goalie clips him on way by and catches him on leg knocking him over. Referee Ljubisa Vrljes gives goalie a Yellow card and calls a Penalty kick.

92 min...Invaders Tamba Samba GOAL...Samba blasts low Penalty kick to left corner of net with goalie diving right.

94 min...game ends.

Final Score:.......Toronto Lynx.........1.............Indiana Invaders...............2...........

Attendance was about 40 on this hot afternoon with cloud cover eventually bringing a small amount of rain in the first half.

Lynx score their first home goal of the season in three home games with Smyth's shot which could have come right from a World Cup telecast.

Both head coaches had reason to complain about missed calls of the officiating. Lynx head coach Duncan Wilde had a valid complaint at 50 minutes when Macca Restron Wilde (coach's son) was one of four players who got four point blank shots on the goalie from the edge of the box as goalie Jeff Jelinek made save after save but the third one was made by a defender and deflected like it was a hand ball. A call of a Penalty shot and a Red card would have changed the game right there. Invaders had a claim at 81 minutes when one of their cornerkicks from the right had a jumping Lynx defender take a volleyball swing and cleared the ball with his hand but no penalty kick was called and the defender claimed he was pushed into the ball. The Invaders coach came onto the field to argue and join the crowd of the entire Invaders team cornering the referee. He ended up Invaders forward a Yellow card for complaining long after the field was cleared and everyone but him had gone on to wait for the Lynx freekick. About four players gasp out like they were having heart attacks as the referee showed him a Red card but oops, wrong colour. The Invaders bench was claiming Sato was from Japan and didn't speak English but upon hearing "S, P, F", it appears he must have heard George Carlin's "Class Clown" album as he used three of the 'Seven Words You Can't Say On Television"

This was the Lynx best performance of the three home games and the game was very even. Invaders had just played the night before and lost to Forest City London 6-1 on their road trip to Canada. Still lots of room for improvements with Lynx players Chirs Broadpost and Lee Smyth not only putting a shot from 25 yards over the Invaders net (they weren't the only ones) but over the 35 foot high back fence.

Tyler McNamara was on the sideline keeping stats. He is the usual captain of the Lynx but has missed most of the season from the third game because of injury but hopes to be back as soon as next week.

Lynx record falls to 1 and 7 with one goal for and twenty against. Last year the Lynx only win of the season was against the Invaders as a home game.

Rocket Robin


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