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ANB Academy 2nd International ID Camp


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Here's a recap of the email i got:

From June 8th to June 13th, 2010, The ANB Academy had the privilege of hosting the following European Coaches for its second International ID Camp at the ANB futbol complex at CDS:

Mr. Bernard Turpin, AJ Auxerre, France

Mr. Guillaume Dumoulin, Passion Foot / AJ Auxerre, France

Mr. Sebastien Bannier, Stade Malherbe Caen, France

Mr. Francois Rodrigues, Stade Malherbe Caen, France

Mr. Luc Benard, FFF Technical Staff, France

Mr. Bob Bennett, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, England

Mr. Danny Karbassiyoon, Arsenal FC, England

For the youth, their overall message was very clear:

- Technique will always be the foundation of the futbol player.

- Age related training is fundamental.

- Higher frequency of training is essential.

- Competitions’ outcomes should reflect the development of the player.

The outcome of the INT ID CAMP:

- Stade Malherbe Caen, has formally invited 2 players born in 1993 for their pre-season training camp starting July 5th, 2010. Details to follow in a press release.

- Auxerre has formally invited a 1995 born player for August 2010. Details to follow in a press release.

- Auxerre has formally invited the ANB management for a 10 day coaching education tour in their formation centre.

- ANB to work on future projects with FFF Luc Benard.

- The ANB International ID Camp will become a yearly event.

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I just got this press release from ANB Futbol

The ANB Academy is pleased to announce that 17-year old Academy Team member Emeka Ononye was successfully identified by Caen Football club in the French league 1.

Emeka will be on trial at Stade Malherbe Caen, France from July 7th to August 5th with ANB Jason Mills who has been travelling back and forth to France since last May 2009. Emeka and Jason will be training with the U-19 and reserves of Caen.

According to FIFA’s latest regulations on the status and transfer of players, a minor is not allowed to sign for a foreign club before the age of 18.

“Jason has been an ANB Academy Team member since the Academy’s inception back in October 2005. Emeka has been an ANB Academy Team member since Jan 2007. This is just fantastic for everyone! We are ecstatic and proud of Jason and Emeka. Both athletes will be our new ambassadors to the elite of the elites in France.

The ANB Academy is presently in the final stages of discussions about a partnership between Caen Football Club and The ANB Academy” commented Academy Director, Bassam Naim.

For more information on this and other academy programs, visit our website at www.anbfutbol.com or contact the academy offices at 905-313-8661, e-mail at info@anbfutbol.com

Confirmation from Caen FC of the boys' arrival:


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