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How will Whitecaps 2011 24 Man Squad Come Together?

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Is that striker from St.VAG MLS worthy? I think he was tearing up the Maylasian leagues a few years back and I remember Whitecaps picked him up when the league washed itself of foreigners.

Do you mean Marlon James? When healthy he is a force but he is injured so much that I doubt he will be on the squad unless he gets healthy and stays that way. Plus he will be 34 this fall so he might hold on for a year or two but injuries at that age just take forever to heal if they ever do.

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TFC started the year with 6 Canadian players on their roster:

Nana Attakora – Domestic

Jim Brennan – Domestic

Julian de Guzman – Domestic

Dwayne De Rosario – Domestic

Gabe Gala – Domestic

O'Brian White – Domestic

I don't think Vancouver has to worry about having double that amount on their opening day roster. They should be fine.

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