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Calgary vs Brazil Serie A team exhibition game


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On the 25th of June (Friday) a select team of Calgary’s elite male players will play an International Exhibition match against 'Esporte Clube Vitoria' from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil . The game will take place on the Hellard field , Shouldice Park; kick-off is 7:15pm.

This is a unique opportunity for Calgary’s best to play against professional opposition from the world’s greatest soccer nation. Only because of the World Cup break in the Brazilian League schedule can Vitoria travel to Canada. Vitoria play in the 'Serie A of the Campeonato Brasileiro', the top division of Brazilian soccer.

Tickets are on sale from Ticketweb (www.ticketweb.ca), or if you require group tickets (and wish to avoid the Ticketmaster surcharges) you can order directly through me at 403-815-9164 or cbaker@calgaryunitedfc.ca. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children under 12 yrs. All registered CMSA players pay $10 admission (even if they are over 12 yrs) when they are with a group of six or more and the tickets are purchased in advance.

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I'm definitely in.

I'll have to get a hold of Chris and get a few tickets for this one.

Cheers for posting this, are you going tmcmurph?

I would love to but my son has a game that night and I'm team manager. I'll see if I can transfer duties to someone for that night. I'd really like to see it. I should be able to miss one game in a season. Too bad I can't bring the kid with me. For some reason he doesn't watch soccer on TV much but likes to see it live.

I'm on gmail so my email server is faster than yours :)

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The final score tonight was Calgary United 0 - 2 Esporte Clube Vitoria.

Goals scored at the 7th minute (PK) and 67th minute from a nice header.

United looked alright and did have a few chances and considering they haven't played much together they didn't look too bad.

A great crowd to watch the game too and it looked to me like the stands were almost full. So I'd say there were about 1900 people there.

Hellard field is a great little stadium with flood lights and a capacity of 2040. It's just too bad it has the "Football" markings on the pitch.

The Esporte Clube Vitoria players were all "White Hatted" before kick - off too which was a nice touch.

Overall "except for the late start" a good night out and I hope we see more matches like this and maybe this will be the beginning of something more permanent

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There were alot of the old "Storm" players:

Tommy Wheeldon Jr., Reyes, Zuniga, Jesic, Napuri, Slade, plus a bunch of the younger guys from the indoor side.

Troy Flannery was the Coach and I also saw Dave Randall in the stands in his Edmonton F.C. jacket.

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