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NFB documentary on Soccer from 1974


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Hi all,

I just added the film Soccer to the NFB's viewing site (I am responsible for programming the films on the site). While the film is very dated, I am curious to know what you all think of it:


The film was made in 1974 as part of the Pacificanada TV series and it shows mainly amateur soccer in BC with a very quick look at the Whitecaps of the NASL(who had just been formed). You will see Tony Chursky and Glen Johnson as well as a very young Bob Lenerduzzi.

I look forward to your comments

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I'm speechless. This is truly an historic artifact. Just the scenes of the local players are incredibly valuable.

Truly brilliant. I'll be sending this link to people I know in the Vancouver soccer scene for their reaction.

As well as the players you mention, Neil Ellett was prominently featured playing for Vancouver Italia. He was already an established Canadian International by this point. He scored the Whitecaps first ever goal in 1974. Last I heard he is still a referee assessor. He was also coaching Meralomas Womens team a few years ago.

Joe Csabai is a soccer legend in BC. He was the one commenting on the Hungarians vs. Italia at the beginning. His son Rob Csabai is currently a staff coach at BC Soccer. I think he was also in the cafe (Perhaps Cafe Mondial on Hastings near Boundary???) talking with the Italian player about Canada being focused on the recreational game. The footage of the Sun Tournament was extraordinary... perhaps it will inspire someone to start it up again!

I think Kinsmen Stadium burned down and has since been rebuilt - I don't know if it looks anything like that anymore though. Capilano Stadium is now Nat Bailey Stadium and is strictly used for baseball now. The scenes on astroturf, including the part at the end showing Bobby Lenarduzzi, would have been at Empire Stadium.

Please post more if you come across anything!

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Glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane :) At the NFB we have many, many little gems like this that are time capsules. Sadly we have next to nothing on soccer apart from this film. BTW, we are featuring the film as of Friday to coincide with the start of the World Cup

For those of you wanting to go even further back in Canadian soccer history, check out a film from our French collection, Dimanche d'Amérique on the Italians living in Montreal circa 1961. At the 18 minute mark there is an extended sequence of Toronto Italia vs Montreal Cantalia of the National Soccer League playing at De Lorimier stadium:


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I am featuring the 1974 documentary Soccer on the NFB web site today to coincide with the first MLS game between the Impact and Whitecaps. The documentary includes some Whitecaps players from their first season in 1974 in the NASL. If you haven't seen it, please have a look:


or if you want to go directly to the film: http://www.nfb.ca/film/Soccer

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