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May 26, 2010 PDL--Toronto Lynx vs FC London

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Subject: May 26, 2010 PDL--Toronto Lynx vs FC London (by Rocket Robin)

Result of the Wednesday May 26, 2010 PDL game between Toronto Lynx and Forest City London at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 11:00am.

24 min...FC London Luke Holmes GOAL...Lynx Adrian Butters sends bad header back to his goalie Matthew Felice and Holmes cuts in front of him and rolls 15 yard shot between sprawling goalie's legs.

41 min...FC London Luke Holmes GOAL...Holmes holds onto ball as he cuts along edge of box and running to right in front of crowd of players and he shoots 10 yarder over goalie and just under the bar into center of net.

88 min...FC London Scott Bibley GOAL...FCL Matt Marcin cross from 20 yards on right has Bibley head in 6 yarder to top right corner of net.

Final Score:..........Toronto Lynx...........0..............Forest City London.................3...............

Attendance was about 1000 people for this midday game made up mostly of school children bused in to watch. It was an extremely sunny, hot and humid day with the city undergoing a heat advisory for the earliest time in their history.

The Lynx were kicking off their 14th season. (their 4th as a PDL team).

This was the first game of the season for both teams. Some of the American teams in their conference have already played between two to five games. Next game for both teams is a rematch this Friday in London.

Luke Holmes was the star of the game for London and a surprise that after his two goals he didn't play in the second half. London controlled the game from about the 20 minute mark but during the second half, they had no offence and the Lynx took over but couldn't get accurate shooting to challenge the goalie.

Jarrett Humphreys earned the shutout for FCL without having much to do. Humphreys played last year for the CSL team TFC Academy but that team only uses players under 20 years old.

Adrian Butters may be blamed on the first goal but he made up for it just four minutes later when FCL Carl Haworth chipped the goalie at 15 yards but the retreating Butters got back to clear the sure goal over the end line.

The Lynx problem was frustrating as they couldn't shoot on target. Their best chance was at 65 minutes when Jean Tshimpaka had taken a shot that the goalie blocked, Erik DeLorenzo then blasted the rebound off the post from 12 yards with the goalie down. Tshimpaka who had fallen then got up and kicked the ball into the open net but was ruled offside. At 73 minutes, Tshimpaka rushed down the left side after ducking a defender who had jumped onto his back and he even deked the goalie, finding himself now on the end line he crossed from the left and a Lynx player then recrossed back to the crowd of players into the box rather than take a clear shot on the open short right side.

Lynx Erik DeLorenzo blasted a 22 yard freekick from the left well over the net at 79 minutes and Lynx Lucas Risto chipped a 26 yard freekick down the middle also well over the net at 86 minutes. Geez, get the ball on net so there can be the chance of a rebound at least.

Last years Toronto Lynx record in 16 games was 2 wins, 13 losses and 1 tie for the second worst record in the 61 team league. They scored only 18 goals and conceded 40. After watching today's game, I think unfortunately, the Lynx can challenge that record. A brief scanning of their roster and it looked like only about six players I can recognize from last year's PDL team.

Referee Steve Senderovich had to give out a few Yellow cards to each team to keep the players under control.

Rocket Robin


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