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do you know how next season is going to be it starts in April i believe so its going to be a bit chilly>< so will they have a bunch of away games to start the season and a lot of home games in the summer?

The owners might arrange to start on the road, or, you'll just have to suck it up like other canadians.

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Not mocking. "Closed" door game at JP Bowl on the turf. Game ended 2 - 1 Scottish.

Why was it closed I would have liked to see something like that. I have yet to see any AMSL games. I didn't even know what the JP bowl was until I googled it, and figured it must stand for Jasper Place Bowl. Which must have been that huge building near the high school that they were building last year when I moved out of that neighborhood.

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It may have been a practice scrimage or something... There's nothing on the AMSL website about it, and nothing on the FCE webpage about it, and the AMSL season seems to have ended already. I agree though, it would have been fun to watch some local boys going at.... other local boys (with a few others mixed in). I imagine it would be something like the U of A hockey team vs the Oiler rookies.

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It wasn't a "scrimmage". It was a friendly match. Jasper Place Bowl is a multi-use facility with decent seating and very good FieldTurf (much better surface that Foote Field).

I find it disappointing that many individuals who support FCE don't have an idea of the AMSL and its quality. From where do you think most of the FCE roster comes? I also think it is a terribly poor idea on FCE's part to not market the games against Scottish et al.

People paid money to watch the embarrassments of matches against Victoria Highlanders and Spokane Spiders...what was the combined score in those games?

The result in the Scottish vs. FCE match was fair. While FCE had the majority of possession, they didn't do much with it, while Scottish capitalized on their chances. This was the third time they played each other; the other results were 4 - nil for FCE (before the AMSL started, with Scottish fielding a squad that was neither fully fit or fully staffed), 2 - 1 for FCE (played out in Spruce Grove, FCE scored after the 80th minute to win) and now 2 - 1 for Scottish.

The FCE group would have been better served this season to include AMSL teams in its official schedule - the AMSL teams deserve it, and could have been given a portion of the gate as a goodwill gesture for seeing many of its best players leave the league to represent FCE. Additionally, fans of FCE would have been treated to much, much better football than it has been seeing, and perhaps gained an appreciation of the AMSL and the local players who might just aspire to get into the NASL-bound squad.

They could have done double-headers at Foote - have Green & Gold play Scottish at 2 PM, followed by FCE vs. ?? at 4:30 PM. But no...makes too much sense it would never work. Why not play an AMSL-select squad?

FWIW, any of the top AMSL teams can give FCE a decent match on the day. Maybe not win, or at least not when FCE play their top 11 for most of 90 minutes, but nonetheless, it is better competition than they have been getting from PDL teams.

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Well you and I could have some wine over a candlelit dinner at pazzopazzo after we beat Miami... Just saying.

Or we could meet at Elephant & Castle for pints BEFORE the game, and I can ask questions about soccer.

Your choice really.


I don't know if I'll be able to make the game... I'm down for meeting up with people on Friday afternoon at E&C on Whyte if people are interested... I can finally meet the famed ESG

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For the Cucumber story, head over to the Voyageurs section of the Forum and check out Voyageurs History and Mythology Explained. I don't know how to link stuff, so.....

Also for Saturday's Miami game, I'll be going late because of work, so Strobe Z (hoping he's going) and Manav will be leading the charge as Manav will be bringing the drums. Hoping to make it by halftime.

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