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Spanish Help for Argie banner


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Can someone dig into this website and pull the specifications/printing file requirements for a banner from this business in BA.


Looking for something durable (vinyl) 3x12 or 1x4 meters or close to it if they offer a standard size something in that range.

If there are a few different types that would be good (ie Mesh ect..) I can make more than one and Jungle Boy aka Trillium can pick the appropriate one down there.



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Do you still need this translated?

Anyways they ask for a photoshop file and/or (it's not clear as far as I can tell) a jpeg file with a compression of 8 or more and sent to them in the real size. (90x180cm for example)

with RGB colouring.

They say to note any special colour requests.

File names should be specific and not generic like banner.jpg


The portobanners seem to be what you're looking for, but their is no mention of what material they use.

Let me know if you need more info.

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