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Highlanders Home Opener: Shuttle Leaving Early


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  • 2 weeks later...

The shuttle ride was great. Apparently the home opener last year may have included a lot of freebie tickets. There was also the "new" factor and the big push they got from local media.

So far this year the media has been less enthusiastic and Victoria really is a something of a Zombie-town when it comes to sports and entertainment events. People go where they are told to go.

That said, the atmosphere at both home games has been great. We need more voices in the Braveheart's End but at least this weekend the beer girls came into the end more than once!

On the plus side, I believe we are still beating a number of USL1/NASL teams for attendance.

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Actually there has been much discussion of a place in the NASL and the consensus is it could be possible in 3-5 years unless some crazy money appears out of nowhere.

Lord Bob is being a bit disingenuous as Vancouver, Edmonton and several Pacific Coast teams would likely be in the league by that time so not all the games would involve air travel. Properly marketed and scheduled the NASL could be viable and Victoria already gets higher attendances than several NASL/USL1 clubs. I believe that Victoria would support a professional team in a Div2 national/NA league.

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