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Thought I bring you up to date

Carmen Cittta season is over they where relegated finshing last place he is back In Toronto. I Spoke to him tells me even thou the season result was not positive for his team, he has improved his play from it, he plans and sees himself next year up to Serie D. His health is good, a good break and he be ready for the challenge of heading back sometime in July once the market opens and his agent looks at the requests.

Uccello Julian Belleria currently in 2nd last place with one game remaining. Big of course. They are currently holding 32 points and Carrarese with 30 points nothing less then a tie or a straight Carraese loss will keep their hopes up for the next rounds of playouts which will be held on May 23 and 30th home and away match., otherwise his season too will be over and returning to Toronto the following week. Julian's ( 9 goals in 28 match appearences) is one shy from what he was hoping ot get for his first year in this loop, he will get #10 this weekend im sure of it. Hopefully that and some from others will keep them away from relegation.

Mascantinio Olbia They finsh in the middle of the pack and the season for OLbia will come to a close this weekend regardless of any results. No stats other then he played last game

Robert Stillo Genoa they are in the last 8 of tournaments of primavera, Rob has had great year> Both participating in the prestiugous primavera tournament of via reggio and the Serie d tournaments best youth against primavera...the next game is against Bari home and away this weekend and then the 15th pending those two results they continue or their season will come to an end. I understand that Stillo is suffering from a muscluar injury not sure if he will be attending this coming weekend but sure hope he gets in the next game.

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JPG75 -------- Well I known that it has been know that their number one keeper is Perin maybe other one too next to stillo being 3rd keeper right now. But they are optismist about his progress this coming year 2011 will indicate many things for stillo as he gets to a mature age and over 18 they will decide to loan him out for the next two years to another club, or outright purchase. I think they will continue to work with him for the next two years of monitoring at a higher level division mostlikey Serie D team or even a C team and a starter for sure. so we nend to wait and see from my point of view this thi has been a good year for him regardless of the other keepers in front of him. But more important next year coming!

Lord Bob your right i too have had trouble getting stuff and I am bigbird lololololololo but his over all considering the teams overall proformance if he should scored hopefully this weekend it will be his 10th goal in 29 matches 36% of the teams goals. But understand that orginally Julian position was ideal, orginally in a 4-4-2 set up for both home and away games, They ended up changing it to a single striker and dropping one up front did not help to press for a single point in those matches. But bieng his first year at this level A good overall result and he had to make adjustments in this situation which help him become a better player i think... next year he will go after the scoring title you can count on it. hopefully that answers your question,

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I was looking for some statistics on Uccello a few weeks ago and had a hell of a time. Do we know how his strike rate is this season?

These are his stats from the professional divisions in Italy (Serie C2 and above):


I use to have a good site for Serie D level as well, but its now by subscription.

Edit: found another site with some more of his stats, just appearance and goals, including for his Serie D teams:


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