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Warner on the upswing!


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If he stole 20 mil, he'll probably get caught eventually, if he stole the 20 mil he'll be lucky if he can walk by the end of it all. If I were jack warner (and thankfully I'm not) and I did it, I'd confess, resign (probably try and sneak away from the snuck away bit a couple million) and be glad if no one shot me.

If it's actually 20 mil you know how disgustingly greedy he is? T&T could probably coast off 20 mil for at least the next five years, I (me, unqualified me personnally) could probably fix a few smaller caribbean federations with 20 mil, what is he trying to set the world record for fattest ass? I just couldn't imagine having the conscience to funnel money from a good cause into my martini budget.

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