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Milltown FC schedule now confirmed


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All Milltown FC Home Games will be played at Bishop Reding SS (1120 Main St. E, Milton, ON)

We hope to see some local V's at our home games this season.

Season Tickets are now available. We are having some issues getting credit card processing set up on our website so, if you are interested in tickets, just fill out the ticket registration document on our website (http://www.milltownfc.com/?page=tickets) and one of our reps will call you directly to confirm your order.

Date Time


15/05/2010 13:00 Milltown FC at Montreal Impact Academy

28/05/2010 20:00 Serbian White Eagles vs Milltown FC

30/05/2010 19:00 Milltown FC at Brantford Galaxy


04/06/2010 20:00 Milltown FC at Portugal FC

06/06/2010 20:15 Milltown FC at Toronto Croatia

13/06/2010 15:00 Milltown FC at Brampton Lions

18/06/2010 20:00 London City vs Milltown FC

25/06/2010 20:00 Portugal FC vs Milltown FC

27/06/2010 15:45 Milltown FC at North York Astros


02/07/2010 20:00 York Region Shooters vs Milltown FC

09/07/2010 20:00 Toronto Croatia vs Milltown FC

16/07/2010 20:00 Hamilton Croatia vs Milltown FC

23/07/2010 20:00 North York Astros vs Milltown FC

31/07/2010 19:00 Milltown FC at Toronto FC Academy


08/08/2010 18:00 Milltown FC at York Region Shooters

15/08/2010 19:00 Milltown FC at Hamilton Croatia

18/08/2010 20:00 Milltown FC at St. Catharines Wolves

28/08/2010 16:00 Montreal Impact Academy vs Milltown FC


05/09/2010 16:00 Toronto FC Academy vs Milltown FC

10/09/2010 20:00 Milltown FC at Serbian White Eagles

12/09/2010 16:00 Brantford Galaxy vs Milltown FC

19/09/2010 20:00 Brampton Lions vs Milltown FC

25/09/2010 19:38 Milltown FC at London City


03/10/2010 16:00 St. Catharines Wolves vs Milltown FC

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hi Ted

We will be placing some items for sale on the site shortly (about 10-14 days). We are awaiting delivery of our first batch of Milltown FC scarves.

By the time we play our first home game, we should have t-shirts for sale as well.

Your support is hugely appreciated.

Hopefully we can help you change your opinion (somewhat) of the CSL. Step by step, this league will do good things.

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I should be attending the Milltown vs Branford match on the 30th in Brantford. It will be fun to see two new sides go head-to-head, and to see what the new CSL side has done with the park in Brantford. Seems like Milltown will be on the road an abnormal amount in the first month and ahalf of the season (5 road games vs. 1 home). Let us know when the scarves are ready for purchase, would love to rock a CSL team scarf

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Academy matches at SS are indeed only $2. can`t go wrong. I hope to see a big crowd cheering against us....LOL

Scarves should start shipping week of May 10. We are trying to sort out some issues with our online store (for some reason, our software is not working properly with the software used by the company that will be processing our credit card transactions). hopefully we get that all sorted out by May 10.

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^ in fact, we signed 6 players late last week. Gersi Xhuti is one of those 6. We'll do a formal announcement tomorrow about those 6 players and then, by Wednesday, we'll confirm the rest of our player signings

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I'm really enjoying watching Milltown come together, one of the things I don't like about the CSL is that it's typically hard to find out information about the teams and their players, Milltown is certainly setting a new and very high standard in getting information about their team "out there". Gersi Xhuti is a good player, I've only seen him play once or twice. Maybe TFC will buy him off Milltown someday?

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Thanks Burger King....we believe very strongly that one of the most important ways to build interest in our club and the league in general is to actually go out and tell people about what we are doing. Sometimes you will get criticized, sometimes you will get praised. Regardless, you have to make it public.

On that note:



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Hi VPjr, as you guys build your squad and sign players, I'm wondering if you have a certain playing style in mind at this point? What can we expect to see from Milltown FC on the pitch?

You will see a fairly young, predominantly Canadian squad. we are 100% committed to this philosophy. We will mix in a some foreign veteran players to help the team's younger players. good young players learn just as much from good veterans as they do from the coaches so it is important to bring in a few talented players who have played fully professional football at a decent level. In the next couple of days, we'll be announcing our veteran leaders.

As far as formations or style of play, Coach Carbajal is better suited to answer that question but from what I've seen in friendlies, the team will be well organized and offensively oriented. we want to play entertaining soccer. Of course, you can't be single minded and formations sometimes have to be adapted to try to get the points each matchday.

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These are some impressive signings. A Canadian U23 national team member (De Medina) with Uruguayan experience, an 18 yr old striker (Xhuti) with some experience in the Albanian system, and an Ontarian (Hussein) who trained in UAE? Pretty impressive, Dino.

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Yeah, just saw the link on your facebook page. Nice signings, especially Medina. Noticed a few of these kids are from Guelph and Kitchener, guessing this has been an underserved soccer market for a while. Good to see that with the proximity to Milton you're getting some kids that would have otherwised been shut out or not bothered trying to play semi-pro...

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I've been a pretty harsh critic of the CSL and it's national ambitions but it looks like your club is doing it right Dino!!

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Can you give us any financial details on these contracts? Just out of curiosity. Also, how'd MTFC manage to bring in Thierry Mangwa from Holland? Did he have an interest in coming to Ontario for reasons outside of soccer?

Mangwa is French, Kuijpers is Dutch.

Interesting, both come from playing 3rd division football in Belgium and Holland respectively. Mangwa was with Serbian WE's last year, how good was he Dino?

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Can you give us any financial details on these contracts? Just out of curiosity. Also, how'd MTFC manage to bring in Kuijpers from Holland? Did he have an interest in coming to Ontario for reasons outside of soccer?

I've often wondered about foreign players in the CSL. Do they come to Canada just to play football or do they play in the CSL along with pursuing other opportunities? I'm not too familiar with the economics of the league, but I assume it would have to be the latter.

I've seen Mangwa play a few times, he's a very strong player, probably one of the best defenders in the league.

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hamiltonfan, financial details are confidential....sorry.

Kuijpers was brought to our attention by our Reserve Team Head Coach, Valdimir Klinovsky. As far as I know, Martijn came to play soccer.

jpg75, Thierry was one of the top defenders in the league last season. He is a very important player for our team. He is a strong defender, a beast in the air and an excellent target on set pieces.

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