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Possible roster for South American friendlies


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I am a huge fan but Stalteri is done.



Straith McKenna Edgar Kluka


Wassey Hutchinson DeJong

Friend Simpson

- replace Jackson with Hoilett if Junior accepts a call up.

I've read that after his good performances with Heraklion, Fernandes might be moving to Olympiakos in the summer (permanent move from Bochum) and could still be on the Portugal radar for this sumemr WC. Sadly, I doubt we will ever get him back. Hart should still contact him thought.

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^ I doubt Fernandes will get picked for Portugals' squad this summer. Their starting spot is pretty much in the hands of Bragas' Eduardo and the 3rd spot is likely going to Rui Patricio the just turned 22 year old starter for Sporting Lisbon. Dani would be fighting for the backup spot with Hilario (Chelsea), Beto (Porto) and Jose Moreira (Benfica). Even for Euro qualifiers the next 2 years he's going to be battling just to get called up, he'd either need a rash of injuries or world class play on his part to actually get into a qualifier.

I'm sure he'll try to force himself into their plans, but no guarantees...and i don't think we're going to be an option for him until he has exhausted all his chances with Portugal (as Jeffrey S. implied). If he does come back to us, it won't be until the summer of 2012 at the earliest.

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Well...assuming the MLSers and Scandinavia boys aren't available, let's see what kind of B team we can drum up to play our most high profile match of the year (**shakes head in worried frustration**):

Ok, you guys are right, I think Hart will play something like this:



-----------------------De Jong--------------------------




But I have several concerns with that:

- Stalteri is a great leader, but the man is simply not match fit, and we have seen how that can cost us at the back. So give young Straith his chance, he has proven himself and has had a better season in Germany than Stalteri so I don't think Hart should feel nervous about giving him the nod. Put an arm around Paul and make sure he knows he is still valued in the squad, and will be called up as long as he plays at a good level. But just like Beckham for England, he can't be afraid to lead from the bench. Do the right things in training, help the young guys, etc...

- Bernier is slow, and without our usual JDG as a defensive rock in mid-field, I am concerned about his lack of pace against this kind of quality.

- We all know what is going to happen up front. Simpson and Peters are going to be tracking back for 90 minutes, and Friend will be his usual frustrated, isolated self up front. Nothing risked, nothing learned, nothing gained.

So I suggest this:



-------------Hutchinson----De Jong------------------





- Pound a man-marking plan into the heads of the mid-field. Peters and Simpson have to absolutely stifle their full-backs any time they try to get forward. Absorb, absorb, absorb...for the first 15 minutes of each half at least.

- Hit them on the counter-attack...with the speed of Peters, Simpson and Jackson bursting forward. Friend is the target man to hold things up while the troops arrive. Argentina will be rightfully cocky, but maybe we can catch them if we run a track meet at them on the counter.

- Make McKenna captain, let him run the show at the back.

- Pray to god that Wagenaar turns into Craig Forrest.

- Make De Jong the deputy on set pieces, make sure you find a way to get McKenna, Edgar and Friend up in the air on every set piece into the box.

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You mean the game with the bribed ref who gave out terrible pk calls? That game doesn't even count in my opinion ( I wish fifa would listen to me)

I was at that game. The calls from that corrupt ref should have helped us, yet we still lost 3-0!

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