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Attendence in First week of USSF Division 2

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+1 St-Louis is going to be a top notch Franchise in this League.

Tampa drew 1000 + change in their Home opener. Weather was apparently horrible. Florida is terrible soccer market.

That was not Tampa's home opener, that game was being played in Baltimore.

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The game didn't get alot of attention in the local media (though it's true, rarely do they notice) and we had never had more than 12,295 for a home opener, and that was this team's first season in 2001, so the 15,000+ figure was quite a surprise.

Our next home game on Thursday goes up against NBA Blazers' first home playoff game, so I imagine that will be a smaller crowd.

I am tracking the USSF Division 2 attendance for 2010 here:


Nice call. Portland boost the average to well above the English div 2. well impressed with St Louis. Someone should start pushing this info towards Sean Wheelock, of ESPN. He'll no doubt broardcast this info on the BBC's 'Up all Night' Programme.;)

Suprising the are a number of Brits like who like to see North American soccer on the Up. (Just not this June 12th;))

Anyone who has notseen the BIGSOCCER threads on sean Check out




His Anglophilisms (he married a brit) can be entertaining.

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