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Impact's Alternate jersey's look awfully familiar...

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**Mods: This topic should be in the USL/NASL Thread**

Home Jersey



Team Moto on the back


Away,Canadian Championship "Pink", and Home Jerseys


Not crazy about the pink jersey, would have gone with something more original.

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God I'm sorry but that screams low quality. Hopefully it'll change once they're in MLS... I mean it being sewn on instead of silk screened.

Once their in MLS, the kits will be the same cut as every other MLS jersey, unless MLS dumps their contract with Adidas or something, and allow teams to negotiate their own kits.

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Are the impact trying to turn the NCC into a farce?

No problem with the Pink, but I had the impression the Impact were using the same color as TFC for the same purpose (as an Alternate). Its pretty obvious at this point that the Impact are using the pink for a completely different purpose than TFC's Support Breast Cancer program.

Perhaps they wanted to have a Red jersey to be used in a Canadian championship, but it was already taken by TFC, so they chose pink as an alternative? Dunno, just a speculation.

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Trying? THAT was accomplished last year thanks to Dos Santos.

“I’m Christian and God is very fair,” head coach Marc Dos Santos said after seeing his team improve to 4-4-2. “He’s extremely fair because when I took the decision to rest guys, guys who played today, I didn’t make that decision for me. I make it for the club because we knew the three points that were important were (Saturday), not Thursday.

“So it was fair what happened today. My team showed up. The real Montreal Impact showed up,”

2009/06/20 Vancouver Whitecaps 1 @ IMPACT 2

2009/09/09 Vancouver Whitecaps 0 @ IMPACT 1


2009/10/10 Impact 3 @ Vancouver Whitecaps 2

2009/10/17 Vancouver Whitecaps 1 @ Impact 3

Bending over 4 times, now thats a farce.

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