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Ali Gerba and TFC part ways


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That's very much the best case scenario. We will probably never know for sure what his salary cap hit would have been this season and how much money had to be spent on compensation to persuade him to sign the termination of his contract.

One would think that whatever they had to pay for compensation to Gerba would count against the salary cap. I would also think that Gerba would probably get a pretty significant portion of what he would have earned, maybe like 2/3rds which also would be in line with the cap space TFC freed up with the Robinson deal.

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Another source of uncertainty is how allocation money potentially factored into paying for Gerba's contract:-


Each year the MLS Competition Committee determines the allocation amount to be made available to each team. Allocation money can be traded by teams. Allocation money does not count against a team's salary budget and can be used: • To sign players new to MLS (that is, a player who did not play in MLS during the previous season).

• To re-sign an existing MLS player, with League approval.

• In connection with the exercise of an option to purchase a player's rights or the extension of a player's contact for the second year provided the player was new to MLS in the immediately prior year.

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