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Pro•Files: Simeon Jackson: Part 2


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For the second part of the Simeon Jackson Pro•Files interview with Max Bell, Simeon talks about his

National Team experiences and the challenges of losing talent to other nations.

RedNation Online was also fortunate enough to speak with Haydn Parry (BBC Sport journalist and Gillingham supporter), author of “Back with a Vengance”, which chronicles Gillingham’s 2009 season that finished with Jackson netting the winning goal to promote the club to England’s League One.


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Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. It is definitely a project that will continue to grow and improve in the coming months. I had a very nice chat with one of the masterminds behind the RedNation project, and I can conclusively say that these guys are only intent on doing great things for the coverage of Canadian soccer.

I also have to divert a lot of the credit for this new series to Laurence, who has really taken on the role of creatively directing these shoots...I merely ask the questions.

More to come, I promise!


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