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Teams TFC Needs To Take Advatage Of


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At the moment, considering what TFC has to offer for options on the pitch, and considering missing the playoffs the year you're hosting the MLS Cup would be probably the biggest nightmare an MLS club could face, The FC needs to take full points against the weaker fish in the MLS pond when they can this time around. This list is only a first draft, as this weekend's games will tell, hopefully (unless MLS parity really rears its head), which teams are these weaker fish. Currently I see them as follows:

FC Dallas




San Jose


I've decided this list after only 1 week of matches. I've chosen all of them because they just don't appear to be what they were the year previous (aside from San Jose). If TFC can't get full points against these teams, both at home and on the road, boy is it going to be a sad end to this season for them.

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I dunno, I just chose those teams because I don't think they will be on par with where they were last season. Chicago lost Blanco, and he basically ran that team's offense. Even with Colins John they just don't have the massive link-up player between midfield and the strikers. Chivas lost Preki's direction, Houston lost their young guns, and Dallas just won't stay motivated with the terrible support they get, relying purely on streak scoring from Cunningham again.

Philly and the Quakes are just pure shite, plain and simple.

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