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Don Garber open to having more than three Canadian franchises in MLS

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That would be sick; Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Regina, Ottawa and ?London?, ?Hamilton?, ?QuebecCity?, ?Calgary?

Would probably be able to get at least 4-5k people for an average for every team with Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver putting up closer 10+.

still aways from that though, maybe one day.

Wouldn't the teams in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver draw 20 000+?

Then, here's to hoping that the MLS will fold after 4 successful canadian teams have established themselves.

Why can't we have 3 or 4 MLS teams with like 6 USL teams?

More teams aren’t always a good thing. TFC claims they have a problem filling their team with Canadians that are talented enough to play at the MLS level. While a lot of that is probably non-sense in my opinion, there is some truth. Before there is more expansion into Canada I think we have to wait a few years for the talent pool to catch up.

That's a non-issue. Finding enough Canadian players is a short term problem. It's nothing to be concerned with.

I have always thought (almost assumed) that a fourth Canadian club would come to MLS at some point.

The logic is fairly obvious, though I haven't confirmed the finer points.

The Impact will likely be the 19th team, leaving only one unfilled spot in a 20 team league (which I believe is the FIFA-mandated maximum for a top division). This is less than ideal, since there are several worthwhile expansion destinations (St. Louis, Miami, a second New York team, Baltimore, etc).

As the top division of two countries, MLS could argue for expansion beyond twenty teams. They might one day field 20 American-based clubs, in addition to the Canadian contingent. In that case, four Canadian teams makes the most sense in terms of balancing schedules.

Plus, its hard to envision MLS not pushing for every 40-million dollar franchise fee it can.

You can have as many teams as you want. FIFA just wants to limit the number of games you play.

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Ooo goody. More discussion about a future CSL. In the last 10 years, I've been really excited about it and really tired of it. As much as I'd like to think it is all about the fans coming out and supporting the teams, the truth is, it is the owners with deep pockets supporting the teams. The CSA has very little to say who is in or out of the Voyageurs Cup, IMO. The 3 current teams will have the say as Edmonton is added, it will become 4. I would like to think that the USL/NASL/USSF 2 will look good as it will give teams a chance to gain proper exposure. It will be interesting if the current CSL will expands to other regions and to see if they will be invited to the V Cup.

I'd agree, Montreal looks like a shoe in for the MLS. Ottawa, Calgary and Quebec City would be well placed with Edmonton in the NASL. If the CSL can "rebrand" the PCSL, AMSL and maybe add more Quebec teams, then Canadian soccer will really look good.

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With a team in Ottawa, it is possible that for anyone of the games between Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa more fans will travel to a single game than all the other travel in the league combined for the season. Assuming there is room in the stadium.

A love triangle between the three would be $$$ for MLS.

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