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CMNT September Friendly(s)

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I will be, without a doubt, attending both these games!

Place to stay in Toronto? Check!

Place to stay in Montreal? Check!

Ready to party like it's 9 (even if it is just a friendly)? Check!

Now to try and round up some buddies to come along, specially for the Toronto match!

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I'd go with two of Gabon/Peru/Honduras/Costa Rica.

Would like to see Canada vs Peru either here in Lima, but if they were to play, probably in TO since they have direct flights from here to Toronto. Canada and Peru are a few spots off one another in the FIFA rankings and Peru has some good players in Vargas (Fiorentina) and Pizarro (W Bremen).

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My guess is that one of these matches will be the return leg against Jamaica which will probably be staged in Toronto so that the CSA can sell as many tickets as possible. Then hopefully we get another CONCACAF side in Montreal.

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