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Ovrebo sucks


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I'm sure all Chelsea fans already knew this, but after yesterday's Bayern v Fiorentina match, I am really feeling cheated. I don't feel this match or his performance is getting enough of a reaction outside of Italy, because the team that suffered was just Fiorentina, not one of football's World giants. However, as someone who has tickets to the second leg in Florence, I couldn't help but selfishly think of the effect this has on my entire trip!

The red cards calls/non calls were one thing, but the offside was atrocious! What can be done?




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So in the end, the phantom goal does in Fiorentina. What a shame. And this happens on the same week that FIFA says they will not look at introducing video technology into football. Try and explain that to the 42,000 fans chantings 'thieves' at the end of the match on Tuesday. It was my third time in the Artemio Franchi (one was a Coppa Italia final) and I have never witnessed an atmosphere like that. You felt for the players, you felt for the club, you felt for the city. There was a weird feeling in Florence the next morning.

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