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The jerseys you see in the picture from the game are not the new jerseys. In a press release before the team left for Portugal, the club clearly stated that they would be wearing some sort of practice/training jersey for the friendly games. The new official jersey (which may or may not be the one posted by iMissTheExpos) will be unveiled when the team returns from Europe.

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Blue is home, white is away, and pink is Nutrilite Canadian Championship.

Thought it was some sort of Breast Cancer promotion, but I guess the pink is too dark. Not sure what their motivation was to have a different kit for the NCC.

I like the fact that the pink kit has less ads on the shorts. I think the NCC logo would look better on the sleeve, where the NASL/USL logo would go. I sure hope TFC continues to put the NCC logo on the sleeve.

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