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Which soccer magazines do you buy ?

Bxl Boy

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pretty much because their in alot of stores around here: Soccer Italia and the Champions league magazine. Is there a good la liga magazine that's fairly common in toronto? now I'm really hoping, but is there a good CONMEBOL (and hopefully Mexican Primera too) magazine in english? the closest I can think of is the MLS magazine, which, well, meh.

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None. Nada.

Last magazine I bought was World Football Pages so that tells you how long it's been since I bought a footie rag.

Usually pick up one of the event books for the Euro or WC which come out before the tourneys. Love those glossy pics and rah-rah stories!

As a younger cub religiously bought Score & Shoot! for years and years. Full colour Brit-ball tabloid rags. Awesome stuff.

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I buy soccer magazines only occasionally, usually when I'm going on a long trip (plane or train). The problem with magazines is that by the time I purchase them, it is usually old news which makes them tremendously boring. This is usually why I avoid the local mags like Soccer 360 and Soccer Italia. Therefore the two that I purchase the most are World Soccer and 4-4-2. Even though some of the news may be old, the majority of stuff I have never heard/read before. For example, when Soccer 360 gives you a list of 10 players for watch our for this season, it is usually a stereotypical list with 10 players that anybody on this board could name. When World Soccer does the same sort of article, it lists players that I have never heard of before or know very little about. I get excited to follow them and learn more about them and this is what I like.

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I pick up When Saturday Comes every month at my local Chapters.

I really like WSC, more so than 4-4-2 and not just because its cheaper. Some really funny, acerbic commentary, especially when they critique TV punditry. I have a petty ax to grind against World Soccer's Paul Gardner (he trashed the Whitecaps on ABC during their Soccer Bowl championship in '79, and then you'd think Armageddon was upon the soccer world after reading his commentary about Canada's GC win in 2000) so I avoid that mag

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This must be a bit silly, but....any FREE mags out there worth ordering?

Like you guys, with all the online content ordering a magazine is pretty pointless. And the news is old!

True enough. There is some quality on line content from reputable writers and organizations, all available for the price of your internet service. And then there's a ton of garbage and disinformation available.

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I buy World Soccer as they have game stats for all international matches (mind you up to several months late) and I really hate that new match tracker sh1t the CSA uses.

Give me one of these any day:

Goals scoredDwayne DE ROSARIO (CAN) 12, Paulo WANCHOPE (CRC) 49, William SUN SING (CRC) 81, Carlos HERNANDEZ (CRC) 87



[1] Pat ONSTAD (GK)

[3] Ante JAZIC (-76')

[4] Mark WATSON

[5] Jason DE VOS

[6] Julian DE GUZMAN

[7] Iain HUME (-58')

[8] Daniel IMHOF

[9] Tomasz RADZINSKI


[14] Dwayne DE ROSARIO

[16] Sandro GRANDE (-70')



[2] Gabriel GERVAIS

[10] Carlo CORAZZIN (+58')

[11] Jaime PETERS (+76')

[12] Patrice BERNIER

[15] Josh SIMPSON

[17] Olivier OCCEAN (+70')


YALLOP Frank (CAN)Costa Rica


[1] Alvaro MESEN (GK)

[3] Luis MARIN

[5] Gilberto MARTINEZ

[8] Jose Luis LOPEZ

[11] Alonso SOLIS

[12] Leonardo GONZALEZ

[14] Cristian BADILLA

[17] Stevens BRYCE (-70')


[21] Andy HERRON (-29')

[22] Eric SCOTT (-76')


[18] Jose PORRAS (GK)

[4] Alexander CASTRO

[6] Danny FONSECA

[9] Paulo WANCHOPE (+29')

[15] Junior DIAZ

[16] Carlos HERNANDEZ (+70')

[19] William SUN SING (+76')


PINTO Jorge (COL)CautionsSandro GRANDE (CAN) 9, Andy HERRON (CRC) 21, Eric SCOTT (CRC) 31, Cristian BADILLA (CRC) 73, Mark WATSON (CAN) 85

Sent off

Match OfficialsReferee

PRENDERGAST Peter (JAM) Assistant Referee 1


Fourth Official

CAMPBELL Courtney (JAM) Assistant Referee 2


a.e.t.: After extra time ©: Captain PSO: Penalty Shoot-out

GK: Goalkeeper N: Not eligible to play I: Injured

Y: Misses next match if booked Pos: Positions A: Absent

DF: Defender MF: Midfielder MinP: Minutes played

GF: Goals for GA: Goals against PK (PG/PS): Penalty Kicks (Goals/Shots)

FC: Fouls Committed FS: Fouls Suffered R: Red Cards

FW: Forward SOG/S: Shots on Target Y:

2YC: Yellow cards

Second yellow card and red card

OVER one of these:


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