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I don't know about this Kowalchuk character but you have to wonder about a guy that bounces back and forth between failed soccer franchises and baseball. He also mentions that the team would have been ready to play in 2010. If these guys think they would have been able to assemble a quality team and sell 5,000 tickets in a couple of months they are crazy.

I don't think this is a very fair criticism because he states they could have gotten a team together for this year if the league required them to but preferred not to probably for the exact reasons you are stating. They chose to take the time to field a decent squad and do proper marketing. All he is saying is that if the league had demanded a team this year it was possible to field one but they chose not to because with so little time it would be a half-assed effort.

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You are going to see a lot of the best in this country trying to move to Edmonton for work if they can get on that staff eh!
Sounds like you described the Canadian job market already (everyone go to Alberta) and that's if they can find a place to live in Edmonton. ;)

Anyways Edmonton is abundant in local soccer talent. Good to see players from there have somewhere to advance themselves up the ranks. Go Edmonton!

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... Now they are letting in a group that is going to start off by breaking the most simplest of rules which is no football lines!

I wonder which side they would play on at Foote Field. The West Field, where the University soccer team plays, doesn't have lines and is natural turf. This is where Edmonton F.C. (ie. Aviators) finished the season in 2004. There are bleachers for 1500 on the east side of the field, with no seating on the west side due to throwing area for track and field. I doubt the UofA would be receptive to converting Foote, but it is a great location.

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Boy, someone introduce them to Joomla please! The sight isn't bad, but I certainly hope they can continue to improve it to be a little more professional looking and just a tad flashier. Nice to know that they are really focusing on connecting with soccer fans. I wonder how many of the votes on their two polls have come from members of the Voyageurs? :P

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Any new news out of Edmonton lately?

Big News! the grass is to be removed from the Commonwealth! :rolleyes:

Actually this probably works for the Rig Pigs. (I Honestly like that name) as it confirms the city's love affair with the eskies is total.;)

I sent the folllowing missive to the CBC forum,Its alittle long But feel free to add comments/ revisions and i'll incorperate as many as i can and fire it off to the SUN and the Journal as well.

Been a brit and an architect, who played a fair bit of junior non-leauge (and FA Cup) in the UK. I know a thing or two about SSS's:o And 'Bigging up' little Football clubs;)

With the proposed re-emergence of ProSoccer in Edmonton in the guise of FC Edmonton, the lost of the Big Stadium to Association Football (yes thats its actual name) may be Just what the Doctor Ordered so to speak.

Illogical reasoning? Well, think about it this way. EDSA will not be able to default to using the Commonwealth for so called 'Big games that, at best, only quarter fill the Stadium. EDSA will instead have to consider their relationship (if they indeed have one) with FC Edmoton and hopefully a 'Fit for Purpose' or Soccer Specific Stadium of sensible proprtions could be envisaged, say 15,000 seats. A stadium of this magnitude then would accomodate crowds similar to the size which passed through the turnstiles to watch the Big Game in the summer, and similar to an amount which would probably turn out to watch a World cup qualifier So long as it was on grass of course. As a 'blow-in' from the UK I have seen a number of English Stadiums, thoughout their divisional structure and can confirm that Southend United's Roots Halls Stadium with a 12,500 capacity bounces with excitement Just as much as Manchester United theatre of dreams, If not more so.

Now I know that the Field Turf is supose to be acceptable to FIFA, but think on, this is an organisation that cant (wont) even licence goal-line technology at its premiure billion dollar event. So I'll not be holding my breath waiting for the next Canada v Mexico Concacaf match to be held at the old CS.

I would say leave the Commonwealth for Bonio (him of U2 fame) and the Eskimos, Pro soccer should now stand or fall on its own mertits. Of course if it needs a bit of help, and as Canada is now a 'World Class' Rugby nation, Edmonton Rugby Club could always throw their hat in the ring and ground share, as is commonly Seen in The Northern Stadiums in the English Premier League (they play on grass so you can rub out the alterate markings). Thus making the stadium viable for other activities when FCEdmonton are on Road trips. Imagine this; taking your kids to watch their sibling in provisional play off games, or community cup competitions in a true soccer stadium. Or what of watching the Green and Gold soccer boys and girls of the U of A, play varsity games without chasing a loose ball around the running track? A sort of Community Stadium for the City if you will.

Question is... would these 'minority sports' be offered tax dollar incentives similar to the Eskimos?

Kind Regards The Alberta White

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On a more personal note.

Rexall is hosting a Masters tournament at easter. Old boys from Man United and Liverpool are showing up. Ian Rush Brian Robson etc. The good old days when Liverpool were good and the Mancs were not :-)

Anyway Two points of interest however...

Calgary United and EDSA are putting out some Cannon Fodder. But included in theLiverpool team is the Current captain of North Queensland Fury (in the Aussie A-league)

The One and Only..........ROBBIE FOWLER! When it comes to Seasoned Pros for the NSAL, well, heres worth 'tapping up'!


Edited by alberta white
double hit of first post and additional comments
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Alberta White, welcome to the Boards! Hope to see you around often, and surely we'll meet the next Nats game that comes out west.

I was worried initially when the announcement of artificial turf to Commonwealth was broadcast, but posts like these really bring to light what an opportunity it is for FC Edmonton and all grassroots soccer in that city. Hopefully a group out of Calgary will step up to give Edmonton the natural rivalry. If they could provide a new stadium option away from McMahon then it'd be even better (or practically a necessity).

AW, have you heard any of the rumblings regarding the Alberta Soccer Association recently? I caught wind of massive allegations coming against current ASA President Chris Billings regarding financial mismanagement of ASA funds. Anyone from Alberta heard any more on this?

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'Ow Do Tuscan (greetings in caloquial Yorshire dialect)


Ive been conversing with some of the lads on the NASL Canada expansion thread below.


Myself and SthMelbRed, having an understanding of both Rugby and Association football, have come up with a solution to Growing soccer in the West.

Ground share with the Egg Chasers (It appears Edmonton apparently has quite a few of them) and make the stadium open to the Community for Provincial Tier Finals, college soccer and other similar events. It would then get substantial usage and the People of the city would feel it was 'Their Manor' so to speak.

We kind of reckon that a 10-15,000 capacity should be a goal to strive for. But hey we aint the money men. Its is Kinda intresting however that a bunch of Local MPs are trying to Justify a night out in the 'Katz lounge' this week. We all know what their focus is.

We never seem to see anything from ASA in edmonton and the EDSA site often only shows league schedule info, Still im thinking of giving the Fath brother a nudge for further info (the FCE site asks for comments and question) so i'll ask the questions. Probably get no reply, but he who dares wins

On the Subject of Field Turf, Has anyone in Canada ever heard of Undersoil heating? :confused:

Oh and Yes.. Come on you RIG PIGS! (sorry I'm like it and i'm sticking with it)

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No, it was definitely the FBI. Don't you know soccer is a socialist threat to the fabric of America?

Thems b watchin us doings.

Well you know what they say... One mans Socialist Collective barganing agreement is another man's Capitlist Money grabbing Cartell. Or is that Just the MLS/NFL?:rolleyes:

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Further FC Edmonton News...

The following is a translation regarding two possible signings for the 2011 NASL-ers.

This following was extracted from FC Edmontons Tweet column on the website.


The following is a 'direct' translation of the dutch article on FC Update. NL

"Matthijs and Van Gessel able to Canada

07 april 2010

Paul Matthijs hopes to continue his career at FC Edmonton. The midfielder BV Veendam is polled by Dwight Lodeweges, the coach of the Canadian club. "Contacts are already starting in January. It's not quite round, but I assume it continues," said Matthijs in the newspaper of the North.

Edmonton FC Sander van Gessel also hopes to snare. The midfielder from Sparta played as FC Groningen Matthijs Lodeweges when there was a trainer. Both players can sign a contract in Canada for eighteen months. This calendar will FC Edmonton, that the license was purchased from Vancouver, not in competitive released. Matthijs and Van Gessel are then used in the first youth.

"The idea is that we as soon as possible, preferably by May 1 have come to Canada. Dwight than a team that's us until September to prepare, let Matthew know. "They want an experience as with European players and the rest of the team will be supplemented by Canadian boys."

Comments, Questions, wisecracks? All welcome.

PS How does "AFC Edmonton "sound to you guys?

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PS How does "AFC Edmonton "sound to you guys?

I like it. I've always like the name Athletic, either preceding or following, like AFC Bournemouth, or Charleton/Wigan Athletic FC. You could also extend the club to being more than just a football club by making the AFC stand for Athletics and Football Club. I believe that's what most of the Turkish clubs are, like Galatasaray and Manizaspor.

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