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Women's Gold Cup [R]


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Has there been any info yet on where this tournament will be taking place and when it will be? B/C it should be this year with the World Cup coming up next year. If possible this would be a great tournament for Canada to host.

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ST. JOHN'S, Antigua - Vanessa Jean scored four goals in three days, including a trio against the U.S. Virgin Islands, to send St. Lucia to the second round of Caribbean qualifying for the CONCACAF Women's Gold Cup.

Jean scored six minutes apart in the first half and added another midway through the second half to lead St. Lucia over the U.S. Virgin Islands 7-0 on Friday and clinch the Group C title. She also a 44th-minute winner in Wednesday's 2-1 victory over host Antigua and Barbuda.

On Sunday, Antigua beat St. Luca 3-1 with second-half goals by Georgetta Lewis, Odeal Simon and Heidi Thomas' in injury time.

St. Luca advances along with Group A winner Guyana, which clinched its place in the second round on March 7. Three other group winners along with the best second-place team will contest the second round with group hosts Trinidad & Tobago and Cuba in mid-April.

Four teams will qualify for the Central American and Caribbean Games in July in Puerto Rico while two will qualify for the Women's Gold Cup in late October or early November.

The enclosed below was from GO BIG SOCCER


"Please note that there have been several changes to the Caribbean Qualifying to the 2010 CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup, which will also double as the FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualifiers Germany 2011.

Trinidad & Cuba will now host the 2nd Stage of the Tournament and have been pulled out of 1st Stage leaving 5 groups of 3 teams. The five group winners plus the best 2nd Place team will advance to the 2nd Stage along with the two hosts. Below is the new schedule of matches for the three remaining first round groups."

New schedule :

17.3 Puerto Rico - St Kitts/Nevis

19.3 St Kitts /Nevis - Dominica

21.3 Puerto Rico - Dominica

26.3 Dominican Rep - Turks & Caicos Isl

28.3 Turks & Caicos Isl - Haiti

30.3 Dominican Rep - Haiti

28.3 Barbados - Anguilla

30.3 Anguilla - Grenada

1.4 Barbados - Grenada

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Looks like the qualified nations are set:

Auto berths

United States



Qualified teams

Guatemala (Winner Central American Triangular A)

Costa Rica (Winner Central American Triangular B)

Trinidad and Tobago (Winner Caribbean qualifying Group F)

Haiti (Winner Caribbean qualifying Group G)

Guyana (Winner Caribbean play-off)

There's no further info on CONCACAF's site - what's the likelihood that any games will be in Toronto? [edit: apparently none, if this is to be believed: http://www.torontosun.com/sports/columnists/alison_korn/2010/07/09/14659871.html - an article from July 9 bemoaning the lack of a schedule states that the tournament is destined for Mexico.] [edit 2: google results from Guyana news sources suggest Cancun as the host.]

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Not much Sam. CONCACAF is pretty random. Sometimes they are completely brilliant like the streaming of the U17s and and other times like this they're behind the curve.

It's definitely in the Fall and the recent BigSoccer rumour is Cancun. The FIFA women's match calendar reserves the month of October for the Gold Cup, and November 20th for the UEFA play-off for the bronze medalist.

For the Americans after their U17 and U20 failures this year it's a critical tournament, and luckily they have the advantage of coming off a long professional season sharpening the players and giving Sundhage a deep and detailed scouting look at the more than 100 pro women to choose from. For Carolina Morace it's a critical moment in her coaching career also and although she won't have anywhere near the pool or scouting of the Americans, the women have been together for three good blocks this year and will be in Germany for a great tightener in September.

Hopefully we draw the Mexicans in group and beat them to get the Tico or T&T women in our semi for the World Cup ticket.

It's not the 90's any longer and all three teams are very talented and the head-to-head games between them will be absolutely thrilling. A couple of breaks and a key coaching decisions and you are buying an English/German dictionary.

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A perfect draw for Canada. We are 12-1-1 against Mexico in 14 games over the past 15 years. All we have to do is beat them (or even tie them with a better goal differential from T&T and Guyana) and then enjoy a light semi-final against #47, #61 or #80 in the world.

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Will there be any problems getting Canadian players released from their NCAA teams to compete in the Gold Cup? I've heard that there has been problems in the past and the depth of the Canadian team is not nearly as deep as the U.S. When you consider that the value of a Division 1 scholarship probably exceeds the support from Canada Soccer this could be a tough decision for a young women to make.

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A perfect draw for Canada. We are 12-1-1 against Mexico in 14 games over the past 15 years. All we have to do is beat them (or even tie them with a better goal differential from T&T and Guyana) and then enjoy a light semi-final against #47, #61 or #80 in the world.

It's a "kind" draw indeed for Canada. But that kind of thinking is what leads giants to slaughter. Hopefully the CDN girls don't share this outlook.

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Yep, I watched the webcast when it happened. Her facebook profile pic showed her recuperating after surgery a week or so later. She may travel with the team but Karina is a safe bet. Canada is in good hands with LeBlanc in net.

Yes, October is a critical time in the NCAA competition picture. There HAVE been instances where NCAA teams in champ tourney contention have made CDN kids choose between school or country. How many NT players on the Gold Cup squad will be faced with this quandry... i'm thinking very few. So many of our seasonsed players were in W-League & WPS. I can't see Moracce venturing too far outside that envelope.... altho' ya never know. There may be one or two faced with this dilemna.

Which would you choose? School or Country? I'd pick school (in championship contention only)... over Gold Cup... hoping NOT to get blacklisted and join in on a WC down the line. Passing up Gold Cup would make me hungrier to push my team to NCAA glory. Just my two cents.

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If I'm Morace it's Gold Cup or no World Cup. This is by no means a forgone conclusion, we didn't qualify for the Olympics in 2004 when every assumed it would be straight forward. The rest of CONCACAF is catching up, if you want to be part of the World Cup team you should be a part of qualifying for it.

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CBC mentioned during yesterday's TFC match they will have coverage along with Bold. Probably a webstream on CBCsports.ca

Concacaf TV will be carrying it, just pre-register in advance as you need a login and password as they will carry all the game.

CBC Bold should carry the games live (Canada's only) and replays at midnight on CBC.

Fox Sports USA should carry all of the USA games so check the USA.org for details.

If I come across any other coverage tidbits will let you all know.

Cheers 19

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In preview of our fist game vs Trinidad & Tobago... an article from a T&T supporters website:

"....T&T Football Federation Director of Women’s football and former Canadian coach Even Pellerud will also meet with Shabazz prior to the team’s departure to discuss the team’s preparations for that encounter.......

“.........Pellerud knows Canada’s football and he has seen their team play this year and so we will sit down and hold extensive discussions in relation to that match and other relevant matters,” Shabazz said. ....."

Should be a good start to the tournament.. We need to crush T&T! Go Canada!

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Yeah, I read that a while back. Our games are Mexico and the USA. Trinidad and Tobago have little to do with us. And apologies for offending 19 but they're basically just a distraction and the more interesting one this time around is Guyana, who Canada has never played a single match with at any level, mens or womens. Canada has connections to Guyana through Dwayne De Rosario's parents and Charmaine Hooper who was born on the island. Their women's team (the Lady Jags) hasn't even celebrated the one-year anniversary of their first international game, and here they are in Cancun.


Like too many Caribbean countries, the Guyanans have unfortunately bought into the win-at-any-cost approach and as opposed to supporting their domestic women and girls are investing in foreigners who have little if any connection to the island beyond a phone call or paper lineage. I think there are just two players actually living in Guyana on the squad. That may get you better results but it seems rather cold and a disservice to the women of the the country, who I believe are being represented.

If we're going to see Canadian/American women's soccer colonialism in the Caribbean, I'd much rather see it at an administrative or coaching level on a setup and teaching basis like traditional aid. I'm reminded of the "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish..." quote. I believe some of the advanced European countries pay to host and fly in men and women from impoverished African countries to do exactly that and educate them on running programs. We're all competitive but these are not our opponents and between karma and compassion there are things we can do to make their programs richer and more rewarding for their women.

I'm not sure of the Guyanan approach to the game, but as a viewer I hope it's not the typical CONCACAF women's finals island vs. mainland vogue of drop 9 deep and pray it's the one day in a hundred where you're on the field when the combination of luck and your opponent beating themselves turns up. I'd much rather watch 11 players unbroken and pure of heart get out there and just give'er.

Here are Ronette Cort and Collette Hope, the domestic Guyanans. I hope they hit the field and if they do I'll be in the Fans Without Borders section cheering for them.


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