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Is it all over for Whoregreaves?


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Just finished reading an article on our most famous deserter:


It looks as though he won't be playing for the rest of the season, or at least not for another month or so at least. Most pundits that I listen to are of the opinion that he'll never play again, or if so than only until one of his knees goes yet again.

While I'm no fan of the man, like most of my fellow Voyageurs, I think that it's a bit sad to see any player lose their career to injury. Hargreaves is quality, and both Man Utd. and the England squad are missing him every single day. It's a shame to see this happen to any player.

I'd much rather boo him on the field than never see him play again. Plus, his place of birth gets mentioned almost every time he's spoken of in the media, so it is a little bit of PR for us as a soccer nation.

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It's amazing what sport medicine can accomplish. Simply amazing. Some stuff that was a career ender in the late '90s is hardly a long term threat anymore. Of course these guys are poked, prodded, and scanned worse than thorough-breds, they're multi-million dollar assets but still.

Any-who, yeah. There is no way around it, he is some seriously damaged goods now. There aren't many players I can say I'd be happy to see their careers end prematurely and I don't put Hargreaves into that file. He must have had a very frustrating time since going to England. There's nothing for it but to take the insurance pay out and call it a day.

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