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TFC players' contact info


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Hello all,

I work with new immigrants and unemployed people assisting them in the job hunt. Recently several very talented new Canadians have approached me for assisting them in getting started in the publishing business. Their idea is to create a soccer magazine. I am not a person to crush anyone's dreams (from what little I know about the media business, the chance of a few immigrants with no capital trying to break into the publishing business in Canada is very slim) so I will be looking to assist them.

Unfortunately my company has no contacts in the media. I thought I might get some info here and help in some way. In particular, they are interested in conducting in-depth interviews with TFC players for their magazine.

Does anyone have idea as to what is entailed in getting an interview from a TFC player. Do you have to go through MLSE, do you just call up the individual player? Do you have to pay the individual being interviewed. Has anyone done it here?

I would imagine but for time constraints, no player will refuse if some start up tries to get an interview and perhaps increase the player's profile?

Any help is appreciated :)

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You could ask the Red Patch Boys

They may have some answers there is there link


Ya also it would be hard to have a mag here

but have you told them to look into a web mag to see if they could get people interested so they than could sell the mag later. The online would not cost as much and maybe they could see if they could get enough interest to make a prited form.

I play ultimate frisbee and there was a magazine but the company had to fold due to not having enought money so another group of people make an online magazine here is a example of it


it may not make them money but at least its less of a risk to start out and get interest before they release a paper copy

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Thanks for the response guys. As to the MLSE, I was wondering exactly that, whether the players have it in their contract that they can only give interviews approved by MLSE. That would seem to me pretty excessive.

What if you want to have them endorse your product as individuals, do you have to pay MLSE as well?

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