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What's the word on National Team home games? Men and Women

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The CSA have said two womens games in spring and two mens in September. Problem is there is no confirmation these will all be at BMO so you probably can't give out tickets for them this weekend.

I feel 100% confident banking on at least one of each being here.

If not, well they get tickets for whereever, a bottle of Vodka a rag and an Ottawa address.

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How far we have come in twelve months. From "I'll be happy if the CMNT plays any friendlies at all" to "I'll be happy if one of the CMNT's two September home friendlies is at BMO Field in addition to a nice non-FIFA date against Jamaica and an absolute A-lister in Argentina that is frankly bewildering and I can only assume Peter Montopoli has compromising photographs of somebody in the Argentinian FA".

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Couldn't we at least guarantee that the tix will be picked up on the Voyageurs tab? Dino usually grabs, oh I dunno, a few thousand for the Toronto home games (did he do the same for the one in Montreal? I can't remember) so I'm sure there will be tix available no matter where the home games are played.

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