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Canadians abroad: January 8-14, 2010


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Guidelines for this thread

[*]In this thread post match updates on all Canadians abroad for January 8-14, 2010.

[*]If you find updates posted in some other thread or on the other Voyageurs forum then post them here as well, but be sure to credit the original poster.

[*]If there is news that is particularly significant (eg. someone scores a big goal, someone gets injured, etc.) then feel free to begin a new thread on that topic in order to draw greater attention or start a discussion, but also post that news here.

[*]Some comments on news posted in this thread are okay, but let's not let this thread go off into a long discussion. If the news already appears in another thread (as per the previous bullet) then post your comments in that other thread, otherwise if you want to say something significant or if it is likely to generate replies then begin a new thread.

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Currently watching Leicester v. Ipswich (Jaime Peters) on SkySports:

Leicster 1 - Ipswich 1:


Ipswich scored in the opening minute and have looked the better side thus far. Peters is playing wide on the right wing in a 4-4-2.

He has been actively involved at both ends and has shown a willingness to take men on.


Ipswich squander a great opportunity to go 0-2 up and Leicester come down the pitch and score. Goal by Steve Howard on 38 mins, 1-1 at the Walkers Stadium. Game on.

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Leicester 1 - 1 Ipswich


Jaime Peters plays 90 mins.

I would give Jaime a 7/10 for his performance.

Peters was moved into central mid-field, where he continued to do well. Made himself available for the ball throughout and showed some excellent composure on several occasions.

As you would imagine, Peters suffers from a lack of size at this level and was muscled off the ball on several occasions.

The commentators noted Peters' good run of form of late and lauded his pace on a couple occasions.

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quote:Originally posted by sloth8

Hamilton Acad. 3 - Rangers 3 (4th round of Scottish Cup)

Richard Hastings was sent off on the 81st minute after receiving his second yellow card. Hamilton though still managed to force a replay.

Rebroadcast on Wednesday I believe (or is it Tuesday?).

Anyway, been seeing a bit of the Hamilton so far this year. Well coached, "relatively" fun to watch. A team game to win even if they are over-matched most nights. But well coached and a disciplined squad. They lose on talent not smarts.

Any-who, poor, Dick. Seen him 3-4 times this season and he hasn't looked that bad, quite good at times but to say he's a bit out of his element when Hamilton shifts to a 3-5-2 during the attack would be understating things. You could also say he does tend to get exposed during the counter and has to gamble a bit to recover, or at least, buy time for the back-tracking midfielders.

So yeah. He's going to get LOTS of cards this season. He looks willing for the role the gaffer has assigned him but is maybe a half-decade too late into his career for the legs to pull it off.

But overall I'd say so far he's having a pretty good season on a surprisingly competitive Hamilton team.

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quote:Originally posted by JamboAl

Don't know if mentioned elsewhere but it looks like Chris Pozniak has popped up at newly promoted FK Haugesund in Norway. He is projected to be in their starting XI in a friendly against Brann Bergen this evening.

I saw that to my surprise. He's starting at right back according to the live text tracker: http://fotball.fvn.no/stat/index.jsp?service=kampendirekte2008&matchId=284660&seasonId=default&refId=default&vm=false#284660

FK Haugesund's homepage confirms he's back with the team on a trial.


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^ Looks like a good start for the new boys as they are 2-0 up. Good on Chris; hope he sticks although it'll be a challenge for FKH this season. And with Lars possibly ending up at my side, Valerenga, it looks like the Tippeligaen is where it is at. I wasn't too impressed with the American, Troy Perkins, last season.

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