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canadian captains


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quote:Originally posted by Razcle

It would be kind of cool to have a page on the new forum listing the Canadian (starting match)Captains and how many times they have donned the arm band.

I hope this new forum allows for some cool content to be put together and displayed.

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There was a period where Samuel was pretty much out of the picture and Colin Miller was captain for a good spell. And I'm not positive, but I think Forrest had it a bit before DeVos really settled in as the captain, but that era was a bit like now where it's not etched in stone. I know Pesch wore it at least once in 2000.

Did it go straight from Wilson to Samuel consistently? I would have no idea who had it before Wilson.

Who wore it after DeVos? It was a pretty big mish-mash no? I think DeRo and Onstad both wore it.



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