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Cyprus Cup 2010


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Group 1

Feb 24 - Scotland v. Holland, New Zealand v. Italy

Feb 26 - Italy v. Scotland, Holland v. New Zealand

Mar 01 - New Zealand v. Scotland, Italy v. Holland

Group 2

Feb 24 - England v. South Africa, Canada v. Switzerland

Feb 26 - Switzerland v. South Africa, Canada v. England

Mar 01 - South Africa v. Canada, Switzerland v. England

Play-offs (1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8) on March 3


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Thanks jonny I had the dates in the Calendar but either the matchups have just come out or I missed them. Too bad they didn't do an A and a B group like they are doing in Algarve this year with a soft group. If they went with England, Canada, Holland and Italy in Group 1 and Scotland, Switzerland, New Zealand and South Africa in Group 2, the teams would get more out of it.

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