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2008 Salary Budget of Brazil's Serie A

Canuck Oranje

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This is from the Portuguese sports business journal, Futebol Finance. It has to be noted that these are for the teams that played in last year's Serie A. Three teams are missing. They are Figueirense, Portuguesa, and Ipatinga. All three were relegated at the end of 2008 and likely fall near but not necessarily at the bottom of this list.

To add the 2009 teams, drop Vasco and add Corinthians, Barueri, Avai, and Santo Andre. Corinthians is likely in the upper half, Barueri in and around Gremio. And Avai and Santo Andre would be somewhere near the bottom.

To consider comparisons to say the MLS Salary Cap, there are two points that also need to be made.

First, Brazilian rosters typically have 29-32 players. However, the 10 or so players over what you would see on an MLS team are not high salary players and probably only account for about 200,000 or 300,000 Euros of the budget.

Second, Salaries in Brazil this year are likely to be higher. While it is not clear what exchange rate was used in this analysis, it is safe to say that the Brazilian currency is at least as valuable today as in this analysis and probably more valuable. It is also clear that Brazilian teams are generating more revenue than in previous years.

To consider 2009

1. International PA - 13.2 million Euros

2. Palmeiras - 11.6 million Euros

3. Sao Paulo - 9.5 million Euros

4. Santos - 8.3 million Euros

5. Flamengo - 8.3 million Euros

6. Fluminense - 7 million Euros

7. Cruzeiro - 6.2 million Euros

8. Atletico MG - 4.9 million Euros

9. Botafogo - 4.9 million Euros

10. Atletico PR - 4.1 million Euros

11. Coritiba - 3.6 million Euros

12. Gremio PA - 3.5 million Euros

13. Sport - 3.3 million Euros

14. Victoria - 3.3 million Euros

15. Goiás - 2.9 million Euros

16. Nautical - 2.6 million Euros

17. Vasco da Gama - 2.4 million Euros


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