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Women World Club Championship 2010

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Brasil was just approved by FIFA to organize and host the first women Club championship with the participation of 6 clubs (I assume the champion from each confederation). This will take place in March or April next year. Santos FC as the winner of the inaugural Women Libertadores Cup this year will be one of the team. Marta and Cristiane play for Santos.

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Glad to hear they're finally doing this and no doubt the reason Santos recruited such a strong team. I wonder how they will qualify the participants? On the men's side they use one from each confederation plus the host. If they do that on the women's side:

- HOST: Santos.

- CONMEBOL: Copa Libertadores runner-up Universidad Autónoma of Paraguay.

- UEFA: As the UEFA Women's Champions League Finals are in May, UEFA would likely have to send the 2008 Women's Cup Winners Duisberg. The problem is Duisberg is still alive in this years tournament and the quarter and semi-finals are home/away legs on March 10/17 and April 10/17. So with the travel you would have to think the 3rd to the 24th of both months are no-fly dates.

- CONCACAF: The easy answer is WPS. But do you go with the Sol as season winners or Sky Blue as playoff winners? What about the Super Liga champions in Mexico? Or Pali as W League Champions? Do they get a run-off?

- AFC: I have never heard of an Asian women's club championship, but you would have to think outside of the North Korean army club team that the W-League and J-League champions would be the two main contenders.

- CAF: Here is where it gets interesting. The word chaos comes to mind. I'm not even sure many of the countries have national championships let alone a confederation champion. Do they go with a club representative from Equatorial Guinea who are the CAF Women's Champions on a country level? And if they do, will we get an upgrade to the Caster Semenya fiasco with the multiple players on the national team who were gender-questioned?

- OFC: The NZ national league champions would probably be the only serious choice.

Sky Blue has Francielle loaned to Santos, and the L.A. Sol also have Marta on loaned to Santos. The WPS season begins end of March so I highly doubt the WPS teams do not expect those players on their rosters in March/April, and without a doubt if they are in the World Club Cup against Santos. You would also expect Cristiane if she is healthy and a few others would be expected back with their WPS teams for training camp.

I'm not sure if FIFA will be hands on in terms of finding participants for this inaugural competition or leave it to the confederation bodies to sort out. Regardless who does though if they want any form of equity in selecting the representative participants, they have a lot of work to do quickly, and it will take a fair amount of startup money to put the organization in place and pull it off the first time.

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