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CSL 2009 Final [R]


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Result of the Saturday October 24th, 2009 CSL Final between Trois-Rivieres Attak and Serbian White Eagles played at BMO Field in Toronto at 5:00pm.

52 min…Attak RED card…Mike Vitulano (last man back) earns a direct ejection for pulling down SWE Shane Lammie as he stepped around him at 15 yards just inside Attak box. Referee Bedki Charchafian also awarded SWE a Penalty kick.

54 min…SWE Sasa Viciknez blasts Penalty kick high and wide left of net.

End of 90 minutes---no score.

End of two 15 minutes of Silver goal overtime—no score.

Penalty kicks:….goalies Attak Andrei Bedescu, SWE Dan Pelc.

1. SWE GOAL…Marc Jankovic shot low to left side with goalie diving right.

1. Attak GOAL…Guillaume Heroux shot to right side corner about three yards above ground.

2. SWE miss…Mirko Medic has ball deflect off goalie and right goalpost.

2. Attak miss…James Louis-Jeune hits bar on blast and ball tips back onto field.

3. SWE miss…Nikola Budalic hits right post with goalie diving left.

3. Attak GOAL…Serge Dinkota shoots to right side of net with goalie crumpling in center of net.

4. SWE GOAL…Jonathan Hurtis rolls ball to left side of net with goalie staying in center of net.

4. Attak miss…Chris-Michel Rumuni rolls shot wide right of net.

5. SWE miss…Dragorad Milicevic shot has goalie duck but gets his hand raised to stop ball above where he falls to block shot.

5. Attak GOAL…Felix Cardin shoots ball about 3 yards hit over diving goalie.

Trois-Rivieres Attak wins 3-2 on Penalty kicks after a 0-0 result on 90 minutes of play plus 30 minutes of overtime.

Attendance was given to me by CSL Commissionaire Cary Kaplan as 1100 sold on this cold, overcast late afternoon with a strong wind from the west. The crowd looked like no more like 500 with fans seated in the east stands. I asked Kaplan how many tickets had been sold more than two weeks ago. 100. When the game was to be played at Lamport Stadium tickets were priced at $12 with children at $8. New pricing for this venue was $20 with children free. Children’s tickets already purchased were refunded he said.

This game was quite exciting for a scoreless game. White Eagles had an advantage but much of that could be explained that Attak had to play from 52 minutes with a man down. The White Eagles defenders of Uros Stamatovic, Mirko Medic, Marc Jankovic, and Dragorad Milicevic were taller and stronger than what the Attak could throw against them.

White Eagles forwards were continuously called for offsides. Nikola Budalic and Sasa Viciknez started the first half with support from winger Jonathan Hurtis. Viciknez was joined by second half substitute Shane Lammie who played until the 112 minute mark. Lammie always looked dangerous with a few times where he popped headers to himself to get past defenders. Hurtis had the closest chance of scoring during the game when at 98 minutes his 22 yard blast from the left hit the left goalpost and deflected over the end line for a goal kick.

Player and Team Awards were given out before the game:

Rookie of the Year and Top Goal Scorer were named as Reda Agourram of the Attak. (he was a starter in this game and played until 116 minutes).

Coach of the Year was named as Philippe Eullaffroy of the Attak.

Defender of the Year was named as Mirko Medic of Serbian White Eagles.

Goalkeeper of the Year was named as Dan Pelc of Serbian White Eagles.

The Fair Play and Respect Award was given to TFC Academy and was accepted by their head coach Jason Bent and player Matt Stinson.

Referee of the Year was named as Justin Tasev who was the fourth official in today’s game.

Most Valuable Player was named as Sasa Viciknez of Serbian White Eagles.

The National Division trophy was given to first place Trois-Rivieres Attak.

The International Division trophy was given to first place Serbian White Eagles.

The Harry Paul Gauss Award was given to St Catharines Wolves official Armand Di Fruscio.

After the game the CSL Championship trophy was presented to Trois-Rivieres Attak. They had about 50 fans in the crowd who stayed behind to see the ceremony. Player chants of “We won the Cup” changed to “We Want the Cup” after delays to wait until the Rogers broadcasters were ready to start. This has been quite a good two week period for this organization as their parent team Montreal Impact won the USL Division 1 championship Final series last week over Vancouver Whitecaps.

I went to forty-five CSL games this year but the way my schedule worked I only say the Attak four times but the White Eagles thirteen times. I finally got to walk onto the turf at BMO Field. It didn’t feel much different than newly renovated Esther Shiner Stadium and Centennial Stadium. On my way out on television Toronto FC was losing 1-0 against New York Red Bulls in MLS action. They might be able to start installing the natural grass field earlier than they thought as that result won’t get them in the playoffs.

Rocket Robin


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Congratulations to the Montreal organization, they deserved to capitalize in their investment, since they are the only ones truly investing in the growth of soccer around here, (the other organization is investing in beer sales).

Trois Rivieres players trained five times per week and they all get paid what they're promised, which is more than most players in the league can say, not all but most. Their coach proved to be the best in the league this season, working with a very young group of players, he had them very well organized and determined to win.

SWE had the best players in the league but as wasup mentioned it they usually crumble in the big games. I think the big defeat against Toronto Croatia last week must have affected the chemistry in the group, losing 7-1 to your main rival is not easy to digest. Changing the coach before the playoffs was not a good move either, since the new one didn't make much of a difference IMO.

I'm happy with the improvement from TFCA this season, they matured as a group including their coaching staff.

I'm a bit disappointed with the Brampton Lions, I expected a stronger show in the playoffs based on the players they had in the roster.

Too bad the Shooters toke it seriously only at the playoffs stage, if they would had been more professional in their approach to the league and their organization, I'm sure they would have been contender for the title.

Toronto Croatia is probably the most consistent team in the league and if it wasn't because of the mickey mouse rules the league comes up with every season, they deserved to be the team in the final against Trois Rivieres. No team in the world should be out of a final game after wining 7-1 in a semi final. Only in the CSL.

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I see #6 Medic missed a pk ,once again , last year against Trois rives he also missed one . They have quality players on that team who should have shot instead of him . Was there new player #22 on the bench he should have shot a pk .

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